Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance

30 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Then why am I suddenly lusting after every guy I meet?” (128)

Claimed by Shadow is the follow up to Touch the Dark. Karen Chance continues to follow Cassandra Palmer as she learns about the power she received at the end of Touch the Dark.

Cassandra is the world’s top clairvoyant and everybody wants to either control her or kill her. She is still searching for her former owner in hopes of killing the woman he protects, the same woman who keeps trying to change the timeline to erase Cassandra from existence. To top matters off she has just discovered that she is marked by a geis, a magical warning system that scares off potential suitors.

In a few parts of CBS, I felt a Shakespearian pull as Cassandra traveled back in time and wound up in a theater speaking to ghosts. To get the full effect of CBS I recommend that you read its predecessor first. Chance does a great job of filling in information from the first book, but to get the emotion and understand why Cassandra acts the way she does I think you need to read book one. When I read the book I became a little irritated with the heroine because after the last book I felt like her actions were just plain stupid.

I thought about her actions for a few days though and my opinion slowly began to change. Cassandra acts human. Yes, she is human but often when I read a book I get the overly thought character that makes calculated mistakes. While it is obvious to me that Ms. Chance has thought this book out, I appreciate the fact that she allows for human weakness in her creation of the powerful Pythia (Cassandra’s title). Cassandra had ties, which were explained in TBD, that soured but explained how she came to meet people. It also explained the amount of time she spent with the people and her emotional ties to the people. She dealt with betrayal and sexual pulls that she had never felt before.

In Claimed, Cassandra does just that; she claims her title and herself. She claims her sexuality, power, and destiny. I was a little pissy that she didn’t do exactly what I wanted her to do, but guess that’s part of what makes it a good book. I didn’t know what she was going to do. I traveled in time and through dimensions with the characters. I enjoyed every minute of it. Now, I figure I have another year until I can read the follow up to this fantasy novel.

5 Responses to “Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance”

  1. Rosie April 30, 2007 at 4:29 pm #

    Huh, I read TOUCH THE DARK and was undecided whether I wanted to continue the series. Still am. I hope some more people review this.

  2. scooper April 30, 2007 at 8:29 pm #

    If I were you I’d wait. I enjoyed the book but it wasn’t the greatest book ever. It’s a book for one of those days that you want to read and have no particular genre in mind. I’ll admit to getting a little confused at her actions. I read a few other people’s blogs about this book after I posted and saw some people who disliked it and others who were confused by the jumps in the time line. One person felt like there was too much action. I don’t know if that helps you.
    After re-reading my post, I see that it isn’t very clear due to my avoiding spoiling book one. Ahhh! Sometimes I just can’t win.

  3. FantasyGirl February 17, 2008 at 8:18 am #

    Scooper: I agree with your comments about Cassie’s weaknesses. They were at first annoying because I thought her actions were self-centered and reckless. I later decided that it exemplifies behavior I see in many young twenty-somethings and actually makes the character more believable.

  4. scooper February 17, 2008 at 11:56 am #

    FantasyGirl- First, I’m really glad that you posted. I love to hear other reader’s opinions about books that I’ve read. Sometimes it opens my eyes to something that I missed and other times it just allows me to vent.

    Cassie is an interesting character for me. When you step back and look at her age and apply it to everyday people, I see exactly what you’re talking about. I know that personally, when I read a book I expect to see the characters act different from the people I see in life and on the news. I know that it’s an unrealistic (and stupid) expectation, but it doesn’t quite kill the initial reaction. A few days of thinking and I come around to your way of thinking. It is more believable, and that goes a long way.

    I read the follow up book to this, and would like to read another book about Cassie after all of the drama has settled.


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