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What a start (filled with whining)

13 Apr

I just got a speeding ticket. What a crappy start to a new day. I was turning on to my street after taking the oldest to school, when the stupid blue and red lights turned on behind me. The kid comes to the car and tells me that I was doing 48 in a 30. Now, I had seen him and of course my eyes dropped to the odometer. It said 40 so I slowed to 35, thinking that was the speed limit. I didn’t argue with the guy, I took my ticket and went home. I called the court to find out how much it’d be and they say they can’t tell me for another week, but after I ask for a price range they say $109-136.

It took two cops to pull me over. That is one thing I hate about living here. There is so little for the cops to do that one cop is never enough. When I drive through town, I get passed in the school zones every day. Do you think there is ever a cop near? I’m just a little bit irritated. I’m trying to rationalize it. You were speeding, regardless of how much. But damn that cop. There are certain times of the year when they set out to trap you and today is one of those days. Now, I’m freaking about how I’m going to pay for it. I really don’t want to go back into a factory and it makes me want to cry.

After all the years in college to get out of the factory, I’m finding myself being sucked back in. Starting a business was a major goal is a major goal. To achieve it I need money. The only jobs around here are in factories. It is a sickening circle that sucks the soul out of a person, namely me. I’ve now got the added expense of a ticket and possibly higher insurance to pay for and it’s looking more and more like I’ll have to return to the factory scene. Well, enough whining for today. I’m going to go cry and feel sorry for myself for a little bit before trying to start the day again.

13 Women who made a difference

12 Apr

13 Women who made a difference

1.Conchita Cintron was born in 1922 and was a Peruvian bullfighter. She was the first woman to professionally compete as a bullfighter. Her most famous moment came in 1949 when she entered a ring in Spain via horseback, did a perfect dismount and threw her sword into the ground refusing to kill the bull. She was arrested but released quickly due to audience support. That was her last time in the bull ring. Continue reading

Give a Helping Hand

11 Apr

I don’t know how many of you have heard of Kiva. I was channel surfing last night and stumbled across a show on PBS about giving back to the community. I only caught two not for profit agencies that are making a difference. I want to share about the first one today, Kiva.

Kiva gives loans to people in third world countries. The loans aren’t from the bank; they are from regular people like you and me. For as little as $25, you can help a person begin a business or expand a business. The people normally would need to borrow at a high interest rate making it impossible for them to succeed. Here’s a condensed version of how it works. A person applies for a loan. They are investigated to ensure that they have a need and are asked about collateral. After passing inspection, they are entered into a database along with their story and plans for the money. People read through the applications and select who they want to give money to and when the requested amount of money is acquired the loan officers take the money to the applicant.

Right now the loans are repaid at 100%. Most of the loan amounts requested are modest. Some of the people requesting $100-$250. The documentary showcased a man requesting a large amount to expand his furniture making business; he requested $1150. This all takes place from the comfort of your home. It’s online. You read applications, select one, donate a certain amount of dollars, read updates/journals, get repaid and decide whether to withdraw the money or reinvest in a different business.

Another thing that makes this so cool, is that Paypal allows Kiva to use its payment processing for free. Giving a helping hand has never been easier.

Kitty Takes a Holiday

10 Apr

Favorite Line: “Oh,God, I’m a hack. An ugly talentless hack, and nobody ever liked me, not once, not ever.” (83)

Kitty is back. After loosing a fight in Denver in book one and being publicly outed in book two, she has returned for round three. Kitty Takes a Holiday picks right up where Kitty Goes to Washington ends. She’s on hiatus attempting to write a book. Someone doesn’t want her to stay in the small town she’s stopped at and he/she is using blood magic to frighten Kitty away.

Ben and Cormac are still around and Kitty kind of/sort of hooks up with one of them. No, I’m not telling which one. She’s dealing with being the poster child for werewolves and has fixated on a rival talk show host. (The talk show host rivalry is the best part of the book.)

I like Kitty, but this book didn’t move me in any fashion. I like that she’s human or realistic. I know I have days when I think like her, the hysterical, self-doubting moments. Despite my connection to her occasional emotional bouts, I feel blah. No trace of adrenaline leaving my body because I was wrapped up in the story. No lingering sadness or happiness. The setting was pretty nice though and I was a little pissy that a character I liked turned traitor. All in all, I won’t be reading this again.

Shadow Fires

9 Apr

Favorite Lines: “For the first time, Arion found his gaze drawn to her breasts. They were rounded like Jenna’s were, only they were fuller and they had blue nipples…”(41-2)

Catherine Spangler introduces us to Jenna dan Aron. Jenna is a member of the Shielder colonies but she has always been different. She is a seer who has foresaw her own future. It resides with a man from another planet, a Leor. Arion of Saura is a Leor in need of a mate. What he gets is Jenna. Initially he is the alpha asshole, but over time he comes to see that joy and love can be part of Leor life.

The Leor are hybrids; they are half human/half reptilian. They have no hair and are not quite what they think they are. They have a low fertility rate from inbreeding and need fresh bloodlines introduced to ensure their survival. They consider themselves hard and see no purpose in the small things that humans appreciate. They don’t bother with clothing (besides a loincloth) or kissing. This all begins to change, when human women are introduced to Leor culture as part of it, instead of slaves to it. Continue reading

The Meanest Doll in the World

7 Apr

Favorite Lines: “The beeping and pinging stopped, and Annabelle saw that Techno-Man wasn’t an action figure after all. He was an ordinary boy doll wearing a fancy costume.” (129)

This book is extremely out of the ordinary for me. I rarely read children’s books (usually the kids get bored before I can finish) completely. I bought this book and its predecessor over a year ago. The dust jackets have been destroyed and it seemed wrong not to at least attempt to read one of the two doll books. I randomly chose book two and it was a cute story. Continue reading

Real Men Do it Better

6 Apr

Favorite Lines: “While she might not be sexually fulfilled, outside of an ongoing experimentation with the alienlike attachments that had come with The Probe, the vibrator her old girlfriends had given her as a returning-to-the-hinterlands gift, she was content.” (9)

Real Men is an anthology including Lora Leigh, Susan Donovan, Lori Wilde and Carrie Alexander. Out of the four books my favorite is His Body Electric by Carrie Alexander.

Alexander took a spin that I haven’t read before with her short story. She takes the dark, stormy night and the lone woman on an electrifying journey. The strange man is involved but he has a talent when it comes to electricity. It is drawn to him. Can you imagine where an erotic story like this leads?

Lora Leigh continues her Dangerous Games with the story of Joe and Maggie. If you haven’t read Dangerous Games you don’t want to read this story. It gives away the ending so I’ll say little about the plot. I wasn’t too impressed and wouldn’t buy the book solely for this story.

Bed and Breakfast by Susan Donovan has a stressed out, seemingly jinxed woman into the wilderness. Kate has been ordered by her best friend/boss to attend a new age retreat in order to de-stress. Unfortunately, she arrives a month after the retreat was to held. She arrives in the middle of the night, beats on the door and awakens the lodge owner, Jorie. The lodge is being renovated and flood season has kicked into gear. Will a little wilderness do wonders for the city girl?

Lori Wilde contributes Siren’s Call to complete the anthology. Annie is helping her grandfather at his shop while he recovers from hip replacement surgery. On the verge of an engagement, she is unprepared when a Scotsman from her past puts in an appearance. He claims to have found a treasure map that has been an obsession of her family members, will it become her obsession too?

Overall, this was an okay book. I borrowed it (thank god), so I won’t be reading it again. (No big loss.) I would have been happy buying Alexander’s book as an e-book by itself.

13 Books from my Bookshelf

5 Apr

13 Books from my Bookshelf

1. A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott

2. Anil’s Ghost by Michael Ondaatje

3. Dracula by Bram Stoker

4. Bait by Karen Robards

5. Rosewood: Like Judgment Day by Michael D’Orso

6. Priceless by Bradley Trevor Greive

7. Erotic Art by Angelika Muthesius

8. Letters from the Front by Millidge

9. Heart of a Warrior by Johanna Lindsey

10. Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard

11. The Tempest by Shakespear

12. Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

13. My Sergei by Ekaterina Gordeeva

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The Survivors

4 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Four generations of soldiers were joined in a common purpose. That they were all men of the same family just made it better, because they all had the same thing at stake.” (74)

A plane has gone down in the mountains carrying Evan O’Ryan’s five year old son. When the body count on the plane is checked it’s discovered that three people are missing from the crash site: Johnny O’Ryan, a young woman and a Senator. Deborah Sanborn lives in the Appalachians where the crash occurred. She offers the O’Ryan men use of ‘the sight’ she carries within herself, the only hope they have of finding Johnny. They have no clue that one of the missing people is a killer or that the killer has two people to silence before being rescued.

This book is a page turner. I didn’t put this book down until I had finished it. McCall has penned a book that includes two romances tightly woven into one exciting book. The book jumps smoothly from person to person in a way that reminds me of Virginia Woolf. (I’m no fan of Woolf, so selling me on this book shows great workmanship.) It was almost like being in a bouncing bubble. Floating on the wind, from one area to another. One life to another. I fell in love the the O’Ryan men and you will too. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a good book to read.

A Budding Storyteller

3 Apr

My four year old came into my room the other day and wanted me to type her story. What I thought would be a ten second dictation, seemed to never end. Eventually it did, when her uncle arrived and she wanted him to read it. For today’s post, I’m sharing my talented child’s giant run-on story. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a bunny rabbit and there was a friend named Piggot and he wanted to play with her so he writed on her shirt and then she was mad and then she said she would make him a special shirt but after she was done she saw another fiend and her name was a little girl she said she would take her to her house. She said close your eyes and she would make her a present and then a flying star came down from the sky and then after the flying star came down from the sky and then she saw another friend it was a mom and then after the mom there was another friend who was a kid. The little kid was a baby and it was another friend and after the baby it was another friend. After she saw another friend she was in the house and she asked her mom if she could play over there where her house was and she said yes you can and then there was another friend who wanted to come over and play. She asked her mom if she could sleep over and she said yes and then there was another friend and her mom said if she can sleep over there you can be nice to her and share your baby and then there was a different friend and it was a little girl she saw her name was Alesia.