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13 Lines from my non-fiction story

3 May


13 Lines from my non-fiction story

1. Neither one of my daughter’s fathers are in the picture.

2. Delivering a baby is supposed to be one of the most exciting days in a person’s life.

3. I tried to be happy and excited.

4. All I really wanted to do was cry.

5. Entering the delivery room hammered in the truth, there would be no happily ever after for me.

6. I’d never get my virginity back.

7. I’d never get that boy, my first sex partner, back.

8. I’d never go through a pregnancy with a husband who loved me.

9. The tears flowed freely from my eyes as I relinquished my grip on my dreams.

10. Lying on the cold table, shaking and staring up at the white, paneled ceiling I thought about the African.

11. I remembered him saying, “I ought to shove you down the stairs.”

12. He’d stopped taking my phone calls and had a new girlfriend.

13. My arms were tied to the table to prevent me from moving while the doctor sliced my abdomen open and pulled my daughter out.

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