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13 Reasons I Love General Hospital

10 May


13 Reasons I love General Hospital

1. Jason (Stonecold)-Hes a hot, sexy alpha male that isnt afraid to be sensitive.

2. Sunny-Theres something about the bad boy mafia boss that I lust after.

3. The drama. Damn, theres nothing like watching a bunch of people more messed up than me to make me feel good.

4. Its mommy time. No kids are to bother me during my hour of General Hospital. (Not that they listen.)

5. The paternity of Elizabeths child. Its Jasons son, but Lucky doesnt know.

6. Carly married Jax because she didnt think Sonny and shed work out in the long run. Too bad she doesnt know that her new brother-in-law is the man that almost killed her.

7. Watching Jason and Sonny in scenes together.

8. Did I mention that I want to posses Jason and Sonny?

9. An hour of screaming at the t.v. and wondering why they arent listening to me.

10. Watching Nicholas try/fail to protect all the people he loves.

11. Feeling like Im a voyeur part of the actors lives.

12. I get to pretend that the characters really exist. Jason, Sonny, and Carly are their names.

13. Its a never ending romance novel for my eyes.

Other 13’ers

1. Kristi
2. Ins. Parenting
3. she
4. rhian
5. Susan
6.  Jaci
7. Tempest
8. Flip flops
9. Susie J.
10. Frigga