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Night Lost by Lynn Viehl

16 May

Favorite Line: “I’ve been looking for this sick cunt for ten years.” (283)

I’m madly applauding Lynn Viehl’s Night Lost. This is the best book in the series and I can’t wait for the next book. I love the characters and the twist at the end of the book. Hint: I kept feeling that something was off with Nick. For once, I also loved the fact that this book flip-flopped between the story of Alex and Michael and that of Nick and Gabriel. I enjoyed reading this book very much. I will definitely be reading it again.

Nick has been dreaming of a green man for years. Little does she know that the Green man is real. She finds him in a run down church chained with copper and decides to free him. Something about him appeals to her, and she refuses to let him ditch her. At the same time, Alexandra is in Richard’s (King of the Kyn) compound, held hostage and forced to search for a cure to the disease that is ravaging him. Many questions raised throughout the series are addressed in this book and wait until you find out what Richard is morphing into!

This book is descriptive as hell. Two words sum up the descriptions: Gabriel’s talent! Okay, I must admit at times I was a little grossed out by the mention of creepy-crawlers, but the pacing of the book made up for everything. Sometimes I’d get a little anxious when the story line jumped from one couple to the next, but then I got hyped to the different story line. Overall, this book is taking the top spot on my keeper shelf.