The Demon You Know by Christine Warren

19 May

Favorite Lines: “Great, Abby thought. I just risked my neck for a horny lunatic.” (19)

This is book three in Christine Warren’s Others series. Book one, Wolf at the Door, introduced Warren’s world of the Others. The others include demons, shape shifters, vampires and fairies. The Others were strategically planning a way to ‘come out of the closet’ to the humans.

Book two, She’s No Faerie Princess, we met the dark and light faeries and discovered more about the plan to reveal the others to the human world. Know in book three, The Demon You Know, we enter a world that has just learned that the Others exist. Rioting is occurring and demons fiends are running loose in the city. This is were Rule steps in.

Rule was introduced at the end of book two as a member of the Watch (police of the demons and fiends). Rule is tracking a snitch, who happens to also be a fiend, when he runs into Abby Baker who is all too human. Something smells off to the werewolves who have stumbled across Abby and to Rule, so they snatch her and take her to the exclusive Vircolac club, headquarters of the Council of the Others.

Abby is having a horrible day. She agreed to help a co-worker cover the riots against the others and gets cut off from her truck. As she’s holed up trying to avoid detection of the angry mob she witnesses some thugs attacking a young other. She decides to help, but instead ends up housing a fiend.

The only one that can help her is Rule. The fiend taking up residence in her mind/body holds a spell that could mean the destruction of the Above and Below world as it is known. The Others must protect Abby and the fiend from the dark creature that hunts for the spell.

Out of the three books, this one interested me the least. I enjoyed the bantering between Abby and the ‘perverted’ fiend in her mind. Despite this, the action seemed to be forced and the conclusion wrapped itself up a little too well. I wanted a happy ending, but the happy ending I got felt too contrived. I had a hard time believing that Abby flipped from her persona of wallflower to best friend. The girl had no friends, now all of a sudden she’s speaking her mind and getting three best friends.

Out of everybody in the book, I liked Abby’s brother the best. He’s come to save his sister and doesn’t care that he’s outnumbered by the Others. He doesn’t back down even though he faces creatures stronger than himself. I’m keeping this book, reluctantly. It’s not on my recommendations list, but if I was strapped for a book I’d pick it up.

On a side note, her website hasn’t been updated in a loooong time. The last book listed as coming out was in 2006. I didn’t see a blog for her, but if anyone else finds it and leaves a note in the comments area I’ll post it.


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