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13 Places to Find Treasure

24 May

I’m listing 13 places to find treasure taken from Travel Channel

1. Gold- Pine Grove, California (Mine for gold)

2. Diamonds- Murfreesboro, Arkansas (Sift for diamonds)

3. Sunken Treasure- Key West, Florida (Look for treasure)

4. Aquamarines- Spruce Pines, North Carolina (Break rocks & find aquamarines)

5. Sapphires- Philipsburg, Montana (Dig for sapphires)

6. Truffles- Cottage Grove, Oregon (Hunt for truffles)

7. Amethysts- Cleveland, Georgia (Search for amethysts)

8. Thunder eggs- Deming, New Mexico (Pound for geodes)

9. Opals- Lakeview, Oregon and Virgin Valley, Nevada (Hunt for opals)

10. Megaloden Teeth- near Arcadia, Florida (Screen or snorkel for teeth)

11. Meteorites- Glorietta Mountain in New Mexico or Brenham Township, Kansas (Search for meteorites)

12. Civil War artifacts- outside Fredericksville, Pennsylvania (Find artifacts)

13. Fluorescent minerals- Ogdensburg, New Jersey (Pound rocks for minerals)

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