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A Wicked Snow by Gregg Olsen

25 May

Favorite Lines: “But what Hannah loved most about her husband had nothing to do with his ability as a cop, his intellect, or his wit at a social service fund raiser. It was that above all, Ethan was a passionate man when it came to his family. His wife and daughter were his world, the only world he needed.” (39)

Yes, I know how scary it is that I’m reading another book written by a man so soon after the last book (The Secret War). My mom bought A Wicked Snow and I needed a book so…

A Wicked Snow is about Hannah Griffin. As a young girl she was the only survivor of a fire that killed her brothers. Her mother dissapeared and her father preceeded her in death. The same night as the fire, firemen discovered several other bodies on the farm. When the body count ceased, the number was up to twenty. The handyman from the farm was charged with the arson, but Hannah’s mother was never found. Continue reading