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Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

31 May

Favorite Lines: “Bloodlust was…destructive for the Breed. The tipping point between the assuaging of hunger and reckless overdose of blood was easily breached.” (60)

Vampires seem to be popping up everywhere. While this drives some people crazy, I’m happily sucking them all up. (No pun intended.) One problem I’ve been having is the use of the term ‘big bad’ to describe everything. I can’t help but flash to Buffy and immediately get pissed.

Thankfully, Ms. Adrian does not go there. She introduces an alien species that happens to be Vampires or the Breed. There are civilians, Rogues, and the Order who protects humans. The Rogues are vampires that have a bloodlust. They are addicted to blood and take more than they need to live while sucking the life out of their human donor.

There are very few females that the Breed can reproduce with and the lucky ones are called Breedmates. (Never would have figured that out, huh?) Continue reading