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13 places for recipes

17 May

13 Places for recipes

1. Semi-Homemade by Sandra Lee
2. Betty Crocker
3. Cupcake Bakeshop
4. Name brand recipes
5. Dole recipes
6. Pilgrim’s Pride
7. Beef it’s what’s for dinner
8. Top Tastes
9. Fruit recipes
10. Rice recipes
11. I love pasta
12. Pillsbury
13. Hershey’s

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3. Try some
4. Shelley
5. Stray thoughts
6. Christine
7. Amie
8. Cora
9. Susan
10. Chris

Night Lost by Lynn Viehl

16 May

Favorite Line: “I’ve been looking for this sick cunt for ten years.” (283)

I’m madly applauding Lynn Viehl’s Night Lost. This is the best book in the series and I can’t wait for the next book. I love the characters and the twist at the end of the book. Hint: I kept feeling that something was off with Nick. For once, I also loved the fact that this book flip-flopped between the story of Alex and Michael and that of Nick and Gabriel. I enjoyed reading this book very much. I will definitely be reading it again.

Nick has been dreaming of a green man for years. Little does she know that the Green man is real. She finds him in a run down church chained with copper and decides to free him. Something about him appeals to her, and she refuses to let him ditch her. At the same time, Alexandra is in Richard’s (King of the Kyn) compound, held hostage and forced to search for a cure to the disease that is ravaging him. Many questions raised throughout the series are addressed in this book and wait until you find out what Richard is morphing into!

This book is descriptive as hell. Two words sum up the descriptions: Gabriel’s talent! Okay, I must admit at times I was a little grossed out by the mention of creepy-crawlers, but the pacing of the book made up for everything. Sometimes I’d get a little anxious when the story line jumped from one couple to the next, but then I got hyped to the different story line. Overall, this book is taking the top spot on my keeper shelf.

Chapter Book Submissions

15 May

Chapter Book Submissions Call

Freya’s Bower is starting a new line of chapter books. These are a series of three, or more, installments of an ongoing story. Each “chapter” must be 5000-6000 words in length. They will be released monthly. The story can be any heat rating, any genre, and can even incorporate any of our series (Goddess Freya, Valkyrie, T.R.O.U.B.L.E., Angels and Demons) Due to the length, they will not be given ISBN’s and will have one cover for all installments with the exception of a minor change to distinguish each installment from the others. (i.e. Title one: The Southern Sting: Chapter One, title two: The Southern Sting: Chapter Two, and so on.)

To submit, include the first chapter in the body of the email text with “CHAPTER BOOKS” in the subject line. Also include a one-paragraph synopsis of the following installments planned for the story. Send your submissions to: submitATfreyasbowerDOTcom .

If you have questions email Faith at editorfaithATsbcglobalDOTnet or Marci at mbaunATfreyasbowerDOTcom.

Please read our guidelines for formatting and any questions you might have before submitting.

The Secret War

14 May

Favorite Line: “The moment you destroyed the daemon at Gembloux was the moment your destinies were set in stone. Like it or not, you are now involved in this secret war…..The war that has raged for thousands of years between heaven and hell.”(137)

Before I start this review, I want to let y’all know about a little preference/prejudice I have. I prefer to read books written by women. I like to think that it stems from years of reading history, psychology, and English books written by men and an innate need to relate to something I read. Yes, it sounds like a load of bull to me too, but hey, it’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

The Secret War is a historical, paranormal book written by M.F.W. Curran. It follows two men after the battle of Waterloo on an epic journey. Captain Will Saxon and his adopted brother Lieutenant Kieran Harte were in the small town of Gembloux, France when a bizarre creature went through and killed many of the villagers. Kieran’s love was killed, too. In the wreckage of one home, Saxon found a bronze pyramid and placed it in a wooden box under lock and key. He didn’t know why he couldn’t get rid of it; he just knew that something is wrong with the pyramid, something evil.

Saxon and Harte returned to England and almost immediately left their home and family to learn about the pyramid. Their quest for knowledge led them to the Vatican and taught them about the secret war between good and evil.

This book is 407 pages long and took me several days to read. This isn’t normal for me, but I did finish the book. It’s not a bad book, just not one I’d have picked up on my own and I won’t be reading it again. (I won this in the Debut an Author contest that Susan co-hosted earlier this year.) I felt like I had to read it, even though it was written by a man.

I don’t usually read books from this time period (so it was good for me to read something a little different). I don’t normally read books whose main characters are all men. Despite all that I read this book because it has vampires, demons, and the Five.

Want to know more about the Five? Read the book! (The Five are talked about over the last 50 pages of the book.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May

My youngest wasn’t too pleased with me today and proceeded to tell me, “Happy Mother’s Day sucks!” Hope y’all had a great Mother’s Day.


12 May

When you are self-promoting your books, where do you advertise? I was asked my opinion and had no answer to give. This lady has blogged about her book and been blogged about by others. Now she has a little cash and would like to know where the best (reasonably priced) places are to advertise. Leave a note and I’ll forward them to her. Thanks!

13 Reasons I Love General Hospital

10 May


13 Reasons I love General Hospital

1. Jason (Stonecold)-Hes a hot, sexy alpha male that isnt afraid to be sensitive.

2. Sunny-Theres something about the bad boy mafia boss that I lust after.

3. The drama. Damn, theres nothing like watching a bunch of people more messed up than me to make me feel good.

4. Its mommy time. No kids are to bother me during my hour of General Hospital. (Not that they listen.)

5. The paternity of Elizabeths child. Its Jasons son, but Lucky doesnt know.

6. Carly married Jax because she didnt think Sonny and shed work out in the long run. Too bad she doesnt know that her new brother-in-law is the man that almost killed her.

7. Watching Jason and Sonny in scenes together.

8. Did I mention that I want to posses Jason and Sonny?

9. An hour of screaming at the t.v. and wondering why they arent listening to me.

10. Watching Nicholas try/fail to protect all the people he loves.

11. Feeling like Im a voyeur part of the actors lives.

12. I get to pretend that the characters really exist. Jason, Sonny, and Carly are their names.

13. Its a never ending romance novel for my eyes.

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Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

8 May

Favorite Lines: “The upside of having a magic sword was that its secretions liquefied the undead flesh. On the downside, the blade had to be fed at least once a month, or it would become too brittle and break.” (43-4)

I’ve never read a book by Ilona Andrews. After reading Magic Bites I can’t wait to read more. The book features a smart mouth heroine searching for her guardian’s killer. She has some secrets in her lineage that aren’t cleared up by the end of the book. While exploring Ms. Andrews site I found a link to an excerpt from book two.

Magic Bites follows Kate Daniels through Atlanta. Atlanta suffers from bouts of magic. One moment technology works, the next magic is in control and telephones, cars, and lights stop working. The world is full of vampires, shapeshifters, and magic wielders. Kate is searching for the killer of her guardian, Greg. She’s a mercenary who temporarily begins to work for the Order (a group dedicated to the protection of humans). Continue reading

Mins. = Money?

7 May

I’ve decided to test inboxdollarsdotcom. This is supposed to be a quick way to make money. Sounds unbelievable, huh? Well, I signed up two weeks ago and began receiving two to three emails a day. All you do is open the email and follow a link to get credit for reading the mail. They don’t quiz you or expect you to fill out a survey. Just for opening the account they credit you $5. If you do internet searches from their search engine they give you 2 cents for each search (limited to two per day).

After two weeks of participation, I’m up to $10.63. My plan for this account is to run two searches a day, open the email sent, and make a little extra money. I’m going to leave the money in the account for one year and see how much money it makes. I’m not going to invest more than a few mins. a day and am interested to see how much money I earn just by opening a couple extra e-mails a day. (If nothing else, next year I’ll have bonus book money!)

Stop skulking: Preferences

4 May

Memoir- “Records of events or history written from the personal knowledge or experience of the writer, or based on special sources of information.” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Biography- “A written record of the life of an individual.” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Do you have a preference of biography over memoirs or vice versa? Why?Do you think an individual can honestly write a biography of themselves? If you were to write one, which would you choose? Have you ever sat down and written your life/experience into a character of any story you were writing?

So STOP SKULKING and make your voice heard!