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30 Jun

This is a paid Post.

If you go to HerFabLife you’ll find a page about Kultic is an online store that caters to men and women’s fashion. Not just any fashion, but the latest and hottest styles. They carry designer clothes and specialize in chic-denim. They also carry hot sportswear. This store is located in Palmetto Bay, Florida, as well as being accessible online. This is not the type of denim that you find at Target, it is definitely high end.

Kultic seeks to please people in high positions, such as celebrities, divas, and all who want to wear the latest trends. It carries denim that is only found in select boutiques and both the store and the denim are exclusive. They carry the following brands: Original Penguin, Citizens of Humanity, Salvage, True Religion, Hudson Jeans, Frankie B., Juicy Couture, 7 for all mankind, and many other brands. The jeans are only part of Kultic’s merchandise. They also carry fine jewelry and men/women’s accessories.

Made by fashion aware people, Kultic sells what they love. The store shows their passion for fashion and their knowledge of the latest trends. They only sell the products that they wear showing Kultic to be the place to go for your denim needs. You can find more about this store on HerFabLife, the newest online community.

Blood Drive by Jeanne C. Stein

29 Jun

Favorite Lines: “Then I see. His hand. Nails lengthen into claws, the palm becomes a leathery pad, and fur the color of midnight surrounds the…paw.” (47)

Anna Strong is back! This time she’s searching for a girl who might be her niece. The girl’s mother approached the Strong family for help finding her missing daughter and drops a bomb on the family that the girl is their blood relative. As usual there is more than meets the eye going on. The girl’s mom is hiding something and it has the ability to damage many people.

Anna still refuses to let go of the living and embrace the supernatural world whole heartedly. Whether she wants to or not, she will learn that there is much more in the world than she knows and she’ll come face to face with the worst in human society.

This book is different from the first book. It doesn’t fixate on sex at all. It has a tad bit, but is not obsessed with it like the first book. It’s all about the missing niece and the drama surrounding her. I found it to be extremely focused, much more so than the first book. It also gradually introduces more information about Anna. In book one we were told that she was the “one” but it was never explained. This story doesn’t completely explain it either, but we get a little bit of information about it.

Anna’s human boyfriend is still around for the same tiny amount as the first book. I still don’t see the importance of him and I hope that Ms. Stein shows me that he has a purpose. Book number three will be released in Nov. and I’m interested enough that I’ll be buying it.

The Becoming by Jeanne C. Stein

28 Jun

Favorite Lines: “I’m immortal now, according to Avery. Kin to Lestat, and Count Dracula. Hell, maybe even a cousin to Spike-my favorite vampire character. And he’s cute, too, to boot. Buffy never treated him right. Maybe it’s not really an act with James Marsters. Look at those cheekbones. Maybe he really is-” (101)

Anna Strong is a bail bondswoman who gets the surprise of her life when she is attacked and assaulted by a vampire. Her best friend/partner rushes her to the hospital where she is given blood and begins to make a miraculous recovery. The doctor in charge, Avery, makes a house visit and tells Anna that she is becoming a vampire. He offers to mentor her.

The two agree that the vampire who sired Anna needs to be stopped and a tentative friendship ensues. Disaster continues to stalk Anna as she straddles the fence between the living and the undead. After her best friend disappears, Anna learns that she is truly on her own in a race against time if she hopes to find him.

This book is written in first person in the present tense which makes the reading a little difficult at times. The best example is when Anna is introducing herself. “It’s one in the morning, late last July, and hot. I’m squirming around …”(2). This makes me think that she’s in a dream, thinking back about something that happened. The next page continues in real time. Spots like this occur through out the book forcing me to ignore or reread sections of the story, something that proved to be a little problematic for me.

The story is extremely sexual (in a vague way). We are led to believe that a great aspect of being a vampire is the sex. It isn’t detailed; we’re just told that it happens a lot. The blurb makes it sound like a romance and while the romance is a strong thread, it is an urban or dark fantasy. I don’t even understand how they came up with the idea that a love triangle existed because her boyfriend wasn’t around for much of the story.

I enjoyed the story though. It was a quick, interesting read despite glossing over and killing a couple of the story lines.

Witch Fire by Anya Bast

27 Jun

Favorite Line: “She’d been so stupid to quit school and rely on him financially.” (11)

Mira Hoskins is about to learn that everything she thinks she knows is wrong.  Witches and warlocks do exist and her parents didn’t die in a car crash; they were killed by warlocks. To top it all off, the warlocks who killed her parents want her because she is a powerful, untapped air witch.

Jack McAllister is sent to protect Mira from the warlocks who seek to do her harm. He is the son of the man who killed Mira’s parents. He is also the man who burns for Mira, fitting because he is a fire witch.

When the warlocks attempt to kidnap Mira, Jack steps in and takes Mira to his home for protection. He teaches Mira about her magic and when they become complacent are attacked by the warlocks again. Mira must learn to wield her magic if she is to ever be safe again.

I know that many of you have read this book. I’m hoping y’all don’t kill me for not loving it. The book was full of action (something I love) but I was bored to death. I began interested in Mira. I liked that she was a working woman and that despite being spurned for another woman she was able to continue with her life. I liked that she was spunky.

I disliked the whole mental dialogue about her sexy cousin. I felt grossed out at the references to his hotness. Honestly, I would have been ok with the story being half the length that it was. It wasn’t that the book was horrid; I just couldn’t get interested enough to care one way or another.

Book Run

26 Jun

I’m on my way to Borders for a book run. I’m limiting myself to three books. The three will be taken from the following list.

  1. California Demon by Julie Kenner
  2. The Anna Strong Chronicles (Book 1 & 2) by Jeanne C. Stein
  3. Wraith by Phaedra Weldon]Matters of the Blood by Mira Lima
  4. The Watcher series by Lilith Saintcrow
  5. Ja’rael’s Lioness by Angelique Anjou
  6. Rogue Angel series by Alex Archer
  7. No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong
  8. The Darkness Reborn by Alexis Morgan
  9. Immortals (book 2) by Robin Popp
  10. Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason
  11. Sleeping with Fear by Kay Hooper

I’ll update when I get home.

I didn’t know what to buy, so I instituted a first come policy. The first books from my list that I saw I bought. I got the Anna Strong Chronicles and Darkness Reborn.


25 Jun

I start working part-time today at our local newspaper. I’m pretty excited. It doesn’t pay much, but it is another style of writing for me to master and the people I met were laid back and willing to teach me. It’s not unheard of for women at new jobs to gift the newbie with the cold shoulder and I’m glad this job doesn’t seem like that. I’m still trying to do work from home; it’s just that now I’ll have some income entering my home. I’m loving the review work at Romance Designs. It’s amazing how doing something that you enjoy positively impacts your life. I feel like I’ve been infused with positive energy.

I got lost

24 Jun

yesterday. It sucked so bad. I was driving home from my daughter’s tournament and managed to get lost in Indianapolis. I was in the crappiest place. When I stopped for help at a gas station, the guy hit me up for spare change. There were run down houses and empty businesses everywhere. I’ve never been so nervous as I watched the gas needed dip lower and lower. Two hours later I found my way back to the highway I needed and my three hour trip had morphed into five hours. Thank goodness the kids slept the entire time in the back seat.