Gideon by Jacquelyn Frank

1 Jun

Favorite Lines: “So, does this make me some sort of mutant?” (80)

I loved Jacob and I couldn’t wait to read Gideon. I must admit I was disappointed and bored. I found Magdelegna to be whiny and irritating. Gideon was alright, but I was more interested in the secondary characters and the continuation of Jacob and Isabella’s story.

Gideon is the healer of his people. He is a body demon and the oldest demon alive. Nine years before the story takes place, Gideon and Legna (the King’s sister) shared a kiss that ended with Gideon rejecting Legna. From that day to the present, Legna has slowly simmered with anger.

In Gideon, the two demons finally come together. Their main issue is coming to terms with being soul mates and convincing fellow demon’s that they belong together. Necromancers are still stalking the Nightwalkers, as are other dangerous forces. Tie into that a demon that lived through a nasty war that devastated his people and you’ve got drama waiting to unfold.

The next book in the series is Elijah. I think it’s going to surpass Jacob. The world building was  successfully created in books one and two leaving us able to expand to the other night walkers, such as shapeshifters. The Queen of the shifters was introduced in Gideon and we’ll learn more about her in Elijah.


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