3 Jun

This is a paid review.


Do you remember how it felt when you got your first loose tooth? I don’t but I do remember when my daughter got hers. She was so excited and had many different ideas on how to get the tooth out of her mouth. This memory came to me when I went to and read/watched a young girl’s brilliant idea of using floss to remove her loose tooth.

With the help of her parents, a piece of string was tied to her tooth and the other end tied to a crystal doorknob. The little girl was very excited until she learned that the door had to be slammed closed for the tooth to be yanked out. Her father handled it nicely by distracting her and slamming the door at the same time. The child didn’t even realize that the tooth was leaving her mouth.

The webpage went on to give advice for parents wanting to test the tooth…string…doorknob method for tooth removal. It recommended making sure that the tooth was very loose, using a round doorknob, and floss for string. It stresses these things for safety. If the tooth isn’t loose enough it could break or pull hard at the gums. If you use a lever handle instead of a round knob the string could possibly slide off the handle. Finally by using floss instead of string you’re using something sterile and right at hand in the bathroom.

The article concludes on the merits of doorknobs. They are useful and under appreciated, but a cheap way to make home improvements.


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