At the Edge by Cait London

4 Jun

Favorite Lines: “A rush of hatred and pain hit her like a physical blow, taking away her breath. And yet, no one else was in the room.” (61)

Pretty hot cover, huh? I thought so. This made me wonder if the story inside would be as spicy as the cover. It wasn’t. The book was good and it had very little in the sex scene department. This definitely worked for me. I enjoy stories that don’t force sex on me and Ms. London did a wonderful job of including sex behind closed doors.

At the Edge follows Claire on her journey of self-discovery. Claire is the youngest of a set of triplets. They are not regular women, though. They all have a power and Claire is an empath. After suffering a miscarriage she moved to a remote area and befriended her neighbor. Sadly, her neighbor passed away and willed her property to her nephew, Neil Olafson.

Neil is constantly shedding off his emotions. Eight years ago his son was stolen while he and his wife were on a camping trip. He has never gotten over his loss. His parents were killed when he was young in a tragic house fire and now with the loss of his aunt he is left with an older brother who only wants him for his money. He doesn’t understand why he feels comfort when he interacts with his reclusive neighbor, he only knows that he wants to know more about her.

The two damaged people begin to find solace in each other and realize that they make each other stronger. Neil finds a new family with Claire and hope for finding his son. There is a dark force out to destroy Claire and if it can’t get her it is willing to take her sisters.

This is book one in a trilogy. At points I found myself thinking, ‘duh, I’m not stupid. You’ve only told me that twenty times.’ These thoughts usually came when I was reading about Claire’s abilities as an empath and the warnings about being around water. I was pleased with the way the story lines wove together. The story telling was smooth and well crafted.

I knew who the kidnapper was early in the book and I also knew who the sabatour was which sightly dampened my enthusiasm with the book. While I won’t be reading this book again, I will be reading the next book in the series about the middle twin, Tempest. This is an average book. It’s not spectacular, but if you’re in the mood for something you might want to pick this book up.

There is a story line that will be in all of the books about the girls’ ancestors. There is little known or divulged in At the Edge more than a need to find a fibula, or ancient Viking brooch.


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