Old Bones

7 Jun

This is a paid post.

Can you imagine a story based upon the image above? What would you write? It’s hard to believe that the image is real. It’s not made for a movie. It is a travel destination.

I just finished reading a post written by Lucy Atkinson at http://www.architecturalclassics.com/blog/human-bones-chandelier/ about the world’s most macabre chandelier. The chandelier is in an ossuary (place holding bones of the dead) located in Sedlec, Czech Republic. The post gives the historical significance of the site, includes a clip from youtube on the site, and gives directions on getting to the site.

The ossuary is a chapel. It is smack dab in the middle of a cemetery and overflowing with bones. Soil from Jesus Christ’s crucifixion is said to have been sprinkled on top of the bones creating fervor in the people of the Middle Ages. It encouraged their demands of being placed on sacred ground upon their deaths. During the Black plague the cemetery outgrew its original capacity.

Taking care of the bones then fell upon a vision impaired monk who decided to stack the bone into giant pyramids. Three hundred years later the chapel was bought by the Schwarzenberg family who employed a woodworker to spruce up the place. He added a chandelier made from the bones and four piles of bones shaped to mimic the giant pyramids. Wreaths of intertwined bones are draped around the chapel as well.

The curators push the chapel as showing “the shortness of life”. The ossuary is mentioned in John Connolly’s book The Black Angel. You can find directions to the ossuary at the bottom of this page.


One Response to “Old Bones”

  1. rhian June 7, 2007 at 5:46 pm #

    that’s an awesomely cool image Scoop! i remember when i was a kid and visited the catacombs in Rome – the bones laying around kinda freaked me out…in a interesting way. I’ve been fascinated with bones ever since.

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