Key to Conflict by Talia Gryphon

14 Jun

Favorite Lines: “I’m not sure, is there a special name for sociopathic assholes in fangland?” (275)

The concept behind Key to Conflict is a great one. Unfortunately the writing relies upon telling and not showing. Gillian is a paramortal psychologist who is also a marine. She is sent to Romania to counsel a 400-year-old Master vampire suffering from Depression and a ghost that is haunting a castle.

Gill settles into her role of psychologist, ruthlessly suppressing her attraction to her patient Aleksei. Soon after beginning the session, it is interrupted by the vampire’s brother Tanis. Gill is attracted to Tanis as well. Besides playing psychologist, Gill is on a mission for the government. Her job is to find out any information she can about a possible uprising being planned by Count Dracula.

Gill learns that the brothers hate Dracula and finds herself in a turf war pitting the vampires that consider humans as cattle versus other vampires. The brothers vow to protect Gill and sweep her into a world of camaraderie.

I’ve never read a book where I was given a huge information dump regularly. This book is a first. I was told Gill’s past; like by the way, Gill became a therapist because… Dracula is coming into the picture because…The author tells so much that I was tempted to put the book down. Morbid curiosity got the best of me though, and I plowed forward. I read about at least five men that looked so good they made her panties wet. I read about her ridges gripping her lover very tight.

  • “Tanis was trembling. He’d never been with a woman as uninhibited as she was. The ridges of her canal were gripping him and creating a delicious friction. The angle of his cock was pressing right on her G-spot. Tanis didn’t think about the anatomical name, but he felt it, the smoothness beyond the ridges.”(61)
  • “The silken ridges of her canal were like tight, wet bands around his erection.” (99)
  • “What Gillian did not know and could not appreciate was…” (199)

Gill was billed as a tough cookie. She was until something happened. This woman who worked with paranormals couldn’t cope with paranormal situations and it drove me crazy. She was constantly mouthing off about protecting herself and the military training she had but at the slightest hint of a problem she was behind a man.

If this book were rewritten and the scenes shown instead of told it could be an awesome story. Yes, it’d probably end up being over six hundred pages, but it’d be a great book. I’d also recommend a few changes such as the wording of the sex scenes being revamped and the heroine remaining true to her description and training.


2 Responses to “Key to Conflict by Talia Gryphon”

  1. Susan Helene Gottfried June 14, 2007 at 6:27 pm #

    Too bad such a good line didn’t hold up to its promise.

    But I can’t help but wonder which line you’ll pick out of Trevor’s Song when you finally get your hands on it…

    No 13 today? Bummer.

  2. scooper June 15, 2007 at 9:31 am #

    Susan- I forgot about TT. I’ll do it next week definitely. When is Trevor’s Song coming out? Is it out and I missed it on Amazon?

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