The Becoming by Jeanne C. Stein

28 Jun

Favorite Lines: “I’m immortal now, according to Avery. Kin to Lestat, and Count Dracula. Hell, maybe even a cousin to Spike-my favorite vampire character. And he’s cute, too, to boot. Buffy never treated him right. Maybe it’s not really an act with James Marsters. Look at those cheekbones. Maybe he really is-” (101)

Anna Strong is a bail bondswoman who gets the surprise of her life when she is attacked and assaulted by a vampire. Her best friend/partner rushes her to the hospital where she is given blood and begins to make a miraculous recovery. The doctor in charge, Avery, makes a house visit and tells Anna that she is becoming a vampire. He offers to mentor her.

The two agree that the vampire who sired Anna needs to be stopped and a tentative friendship ensues. Disaster continues to stalk Anna as she straddles the fence between the living and the undead. After her best friend disappears, Anna learns that she is truly on her own in a race against time if she hopes to find him.

This book is written in first person in the present tense which makes the reading a little difficult at times. The best example is when Anna is introducing herself. “It’s one in the morning, late last July, and hot. I’m squirming around …”(2). This makes me think that she’s in a dream, thinking back about something that happened. The next page continues in real time. Spots like this occur through out the book forcing me to ignore or reread sections of the story, something that proved to be a little problematic for me.

The story is extremely sexual (in a vague way). We are led to believe that a great aspect of being a vampire is the sex. It isn’t detailed; we’re just told that it happens a lot. The blurb makes it sound like a romance and while the romance is a strong thread, it is an urban or dark fantasy. I don’t even understand how they came up with the idea that a love triangle existed because her boyfriend wasn’t around for much of the story.

I enjoyed the story though. It was a quick, interesting read despite glossing over and killing a couple of the story lines.


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