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Scent of Darkness by Christina Dodd

2 Jul

Favorite Lines: “He was naked. Nude. Absolutely without covering of any kind. And apparently she was the weirdest perv ever to walk the earth, for even in the midst of her madness, she found the sight of his bare, toned butt riveting.

Ann Smith (no not the one who married the old man) has had a crush on her boss Jasha Wilder for three years. It takes a stunning shock in her life for her to get the nerve to try and seduce him. The perfect opportunity arises when a business deal requires his immediate attention and she drives up to his vacation hideaway in the mountains to try and mix business with pleasure. She didn’t count on seeing Jasha’s metamorphosis from wolf into man.

Jasha is the oldest child in his family. His father and mother had emigrated from the Ukraine to escape his father’s family, Varinskis. The Varinskis ancestor made a pact with the devil and the result allows the Varinski males to only have boy children and they are able to shape shift. None of them married; they raped and pillaged.

Considering Jasha’s father as the enemy and worried that he will break the pact with the Devil, the Varinskis search for the family, finally finding them in Scent of Darkness. But it is already too late. The Wilder family has already begun to crack the pact. First with the marraige of Jasha’s parents, then with the birth of their daughter. Now the race between good and evil slips into hyper-drive and Jasha and Ann find themselves running for their lives.

Yay!!! Another book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Christina Dodd has made a great transition to the paranormal world with this book. She even managed to incorporate Tongue in Chic‘ s character, Meadow, and her family in a ‘by-the-way” fashion that was completely believable.

I read Jane’s review, that had me on the lookout for an inconsistency. I almost lost track of the reason I was reading the book, for fun. The blog said that Ann began by contradicting herself because she planned on telling Jasha that she got stuck at his vacation house and it was to late to go home. Yet, she pulls a suitcase out of the trunk as soon as she arrives. I’d like to think that it’s not an inconsistancy, but a point in favor of her inability to lie well. Ann was a woman who’d learned that she must not stray from good. She was raised in an orphanage by Nuns and is constantly reminding herself of the need to do the right thing. It would have been against her upbringing and the way she lived her life for her to carry off the planned lie well.

Ann did rub me wrong when she went through a small period of cowering. She’d worked for Jasha three years, yet after learning where he came from became unsure of his character for a little bit. I don’t want to ruin the story so that’s all that I’m going to say.

Watching Jasha turn into a human freaked the girl out. Don’t it figure that she’d pick a weirdo to fall for? But as my favorite quote points out, he was a hottee! The book also begins with a rape turned into want scene. I’m not going to get into the bid drama of whether or force should turn to desire. It’s a fantasy of many women, to have someone they’ve been crushin’ on or their partner to play act out a rape scene. That isn’t what happens in this book.

Jasha’s wolf is turned on by the chase (Ann runs when she sees the boy change) and the man within is battling the wolf nature to take what it wants. He is gentle with Ann and Ann wants him. This is a book and not a real way of life, so I don’t care that it’s not politically correct.

The second book in this series will be released in August is called Touch of Darkness and is about Jasha’s younger brother, an archaeologist.