The Immortals: The Darkening by Robin T. Popp

17 Jul

Favorite Line: “Basically, it’s this: If you engage in sex long enough to climax, you’ll forget-everything.” (103)

Lexi is a bounty hunter who happens to be a werewolf. She can also harness the power of fire, so when the wiccans try to summon the Immortals she is there and sees the face of one of the brothers. She is shocked when weeks later that same man appears as she is fighting a felon.

Darius has been kept in Ravenscroft by his mother Sekhmet for 700 years. He finally manages to break free from her and transports himself to earth but has no idea that he is no longer immortal.

With darkness trying to over power the light, the number of vampires in the city balloons. Lexi’s best friend can’t seem to stay out of trouble and her level of lust is skyrocketing as days draw nearer to a full moon. Can Lexi and Darius work together to thwart the demon before he can unlock the gates of hell?

This is book two in the Immortals series. Ms. Popp reintroduces us to the story of five brothers fighting evil. After a major battle 700 years ago, one of the five disappeared only to return in book one as mentally jacked up. He’d been tortured daily for 700 years by a demon and healed by the same demon in the form of a woman. The end result is that he loves the demon and wants all living magic to die.

Darius can’t imagine his sensitive brother Tain becoming a traitor and resolves to save him. He doesn’ t plan on becoming attached to Lexi and having to choose between his brother and his lover. This is an issue that cropped up in the first book and I’m sure will be repeated in the remaining two as well.

One thing that was a major turn off for me was the bad guys being refered to as the “Big Bad”. I think I complained in the first book about it, but it’s annoying as hell. Make up something else, quit stealing from Buffy. Ok, maybe I’m nit picking a tad bit, but please find another way to express something evil that has yet to be named.

I’m a little aggravated that this series isn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be. It’s average. Nothing to brag on or highly recommend. It’s just another book that I’ve read that wasn’t the worst and definitely wasn’t the best. You can buy it at Barnes and Noble here.

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  1. camille August 8, 2007 at 3:47 pm #

    Thoughtful review. Thanks.


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