Exit Stategy by Kelley Armstrong

18 Jul

Favorite Line: “”Scream, and I’ll snap your wrist,” I said.” (100)

Nadia is a hitwoman; she’s also a former cop who owns/runs a nature lodge. There’s a killer on the loose and he’s bringing heat to the professional world of hitmen and she is recruited, along with a few others, to stop the killer. The killer is believed to be a hitman because of the clean kills and there seems to be no way to guess who the next victim will be.

Nadia is an interesting character. She was a victim at an early point in her life, but overcame it to become a cop. After years of serving she snaps on the job and kills a man forcing her to take an early retirement. She never goes to jail but she looses everything, her family and her fiance. She has enough money to buy a nature lodge and she removes herself from all that she knew. It isn’t a lucrative business and as she finds herself in need of money to keep the lodge afloat an offer from the mob comes. They’ll pay her to remove problems for them.

She also meets Jack. Jack mentors Nadia but she doesn’t trust him and is half afraid that he’ll try to off her. Over the course of the book Nadia begins to learn more about Jack. She even begins to find him attractive.

This is a work of fiction. It’s not a romance or fantasy novel. It uses the first person to show Nadia’s world from her point of view. The characters are layered and despite the their attempts, the world is slightly chaotic (like the real world). The book is 480 pages. It took me several days to read because it lost my attention at many different points. I don’t think this is Ms. Armstrong’s best work, but it was an interesting change.

Will I read it again? No.

Some things were right in front of Nadia’s face but I guess being a hitwoman doesn’t’ exactly make you trust things at face value.


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