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Book meme

30 Aug

1. – Total number of books I own:
I don’t know. When I was 16 I started to work for a book store. I bought even more books than I had before working there. I kept all of the books for seven years. Then I moved and I had no where to put them, so I took them all to a used book store and donated the credits to the elderly visitors. I did pretty good for a few years of keeping my kept books at a minimum, but now I don’t know how many books I have now, as I started backsliding a few years ago.
2. – Last book I bought:
Karen Robards- Superstition

3. – Last Book I read:
In the Blood by Savannah Ruse.

4. – Five books that mean a lot to me:
This is another I don’t know. I read books. They all mean something to me.

5. – Tag 5 people
If you want to do this, go for it!


Dragon Heat by Allyson James

29 Aug

Favorite Lines: “A vibration began in the area of her thighs, a constant, insistent vibration that warmed her at the same time it distracted her. Caleb broke the kiss and looked down at her, eyebrows drawn. “What is that?” “Oh, hell,” she said, realizing. “It’s my cell phone.”” (p. 135)

Lisa Singleton is about to come into great power. That is why the golden dragon, Caleb, is sent to guard her. Living in the spare bedroom of Lisa’s apartment, he has come to know and care for her, as she has for him. She, however, doesn’t know that she’s in danger until she is attacked one night.

Suddenly finding herself a target of a black dragon and a powerful witch, Lisa must also come to terms with Caleb. He is no longer trapped in his dimension looking into her world. He is now able to cross into the human world. He is a man and a hot one at that. Lisa and Caleb must work together to prevent the black dragon and the witch from destroying the world while creating a new relationship as lovers and not just roommates.

Dragon Heat by Allyson James is a great book. We get a new shapeshifter in the dragon; granted he can’t just wish himself human or dragon (he relies on an armband). I like the descriptions of what Caleb looks and feels like as a dragon. He isn’t hard and scaly. He feels like a human and he has the human addiction to television. He is a loving creature that I adored. As a human, he is stunning and sexy, stirring up Lisa’s (and my) hormones.

Lisa is complex. Over the course of the book we learn many of the different facets that make up Lisa. As I was looking for my favorite passage, I began to find foreshadowing that I had ignored before. Some of it was blatant, in your face foreshadowing that left me smacking my head and saying “Duh”. But it works.

There are several plots going on in Dragon Heat and one of those pertains to the next book in the series. I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t list the next book in the series. All I’ll say is that it will be released Nov. 6.

If you want to know more about this book, you can read the first chapter here.

Queen of the Orcs: King’s Property by Morgan Howell

28 Aug

Favorite Lines: “The only thing a man gives a woman is a big belly. Nothing else comes free.” (32)

Dar has a hard life; she is from a poor family in the highlands of King Kregant’s Realm. When the king’s men arrive in her village in search of new recruits for the army, she is given to them. Thus begins Dar’s new life as a slave in the King’s army.

Branded on her forehead she learns that she is to work in the Orc encampment for the rest of her life . If she is found away from the regiment she is assigned to, she will be killed. Dar rallies and decides to befriend the Orc’s and learn their culture. This places her on the outs with the humans. As she learns about the Orcs, she makes powerful enemies determined to destroy her.

Queen of the Orcs: King’s Property is book one in Morgan Howell’s Queen of the Orcs trilogy. DEL REY has made me happy by publishing a book in the series each month, instead of making us wait a year for the next installment.

This book is gritty. It is hard, yet sentimental. It takes a woman and places her in a horrible situation forcing her to live or die. The life of the women in the camp is beautifully detailed and realistic. The women act like women. They snip at each other like dogs fighting for a bone. It is a matter of survival. It is ugly. It is war.

Many things happen without Dar’s knowledge or consent. We the reader know and cringe before applauding Dar’s innate ability to sense trouble and at times avoid trouble. She is the only one able to sense an ‘otherness’ to the Orcs. She quickly realizes that her survival depends on befriending the Orcs, something that causes dissension between Dar and the other humans.

This book takes a new look at the Orc. It is like meeting the vampire of old and replacing him with the new vampires. (For example, we used to equate the vampire with a person who was possessed by a demonic spirit. Now many books have reinvented the vampire as a person with a rare blood disorder or a species from another planet stranded on earth.) The Orcs introduced by Howell are simple minded. They are a maternal society who are fierce yet fail to comprehend lies and manipulation. If you want to learn more about Howell’s orcs go here. (I want to send a shout out to Tia for this link she posted over at Fantasy Debut.)

This is a great book. Book two will be released today and I’ll be there to pick it up.

Books Releasing Aug. 28th Part III

27 Aug

This is the last installment of books that are coming out tomorrow. Let me know if you like my newest idea (listing some of the many books that are releasing each week).

  1. Madame’s Deception by Renee Bernard
  2. Highland Thirst by Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands
  3. Bride Enchanted by Edith Layton
  4. Too Scandalous to Wed by Alexandra Benedict
  5. Queen of the Orcs: Clan Daughter by Morgan Howell
  6. Calder Storm by Janet Dailey
  7. Mommies Behaving Badly by Roz Bailey
  8. C.J.’s Fire by Kay Hooper
  9. Lord of the Deep (Aphrodisia) Book 1 of the Elements by Dawn Thompson
  10. Sexy Beast III (Aphrodisia) by Anthology
  11. Seduction’s Spell by Lynn Lafleur
  12. Changing Tides by Michael Thomas Ford
  13. Wicked Magic Cheyenee McCray
  14. Just Wicked Enough by Lorraine Heath
  15. Knights of the Round Table: Gawain by Gwen Rowley

Books Releasing Aug. 28th Part II

26 Aug

Here are more books coming out Tuesday. If you’re anything like me you’ll have several books that you want on the lists.

  1. The Billionaire Next Door by Jessica Bird
  2. Remodeling the Bachelor by Marie Ferrarella
  3. Love Letters From a Duke by Elizabeth Boyle
  4. Beyond Seduction by Stephanie Laurens
  5. Dark Fever by Karen Marie Moning
  6. The Dream Thief by Shana Abe
  7. Silver Master by Jayne Castle
  8. Shadows on the Soul by Jenna Black
  9. Highlander Unmasked by Monica McCarty

The Lodestone by Kathryn Fairfax

25 Aug

I was over at Book Binge a few weeks ago when they offered free e-books of Kathryn Fairfax’s The Lodestone courtesy of Tantalizing Tales. I must say that I agree with their opinion of the book. It was good. Normally I don’t get into this time period (1830’s England), but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The book is about Cleome, a young lady, who is a bastard, and helps her grandfather run his tavern. One night a man comes through, Drake Stoneham, and plays cards with her grandfather. Her grandfather bets the deed to the tavern and loses to Drake, then commits suicide. This all leaves Cleome in a terrible position as she also takes care of her mentally ill mother.

Little does she know that while Drake is building a gambling hall, he is also searching for the wife of a friend who died while serving in the military. As she adjusts to her new position in society, she is shocked to discover a future that was closed to her is now open.

Cleome rolls with the flow; she is extremely practical. I enjoyed her levelheadedness. It was nice to read about a person who knew exactly who they were. She wasn’t presumptuous and if real, would have been someone I’d like as a friend.  This book is made by the character of Cleome. She instills it with life and I would recommend this e-book to others who are interested in reading about a young woman coming into her own during a trying time period.

Books releasing Aug. 28th Part I

24 Aug

There are a crap load of books being released next week. I figure that I better get a head start listing them now. Most of the links are to the author’s blog. Only 5 out of the 15 don’t have blogs and while J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) doesn’t have a blog that I’ve found, she is very active in the online community. The books I’ve listed are all slated to be released in paper on Tuesday.

  1. Hunting the Demon by Jaci Burton
  2. 74 Seaside Ave. (Cedar cove series 7) by Debbie Macomber
  3. Primal Desires (Book 5) by Susan Sizemore
  4. Innocent in Death by J.D. Robb
  5. The Gathering (Immortals Book 4) by Jennifer Ashley
  6. Just Wicked Enough by Lorraine Heath
  7. The Royal Mess (Alaskan Royal Family, Book 3) by Mary Janice Davidson
  8. Madam’s Deception by Renee Bernard
  9. Undercover in High Heels by Gemma Halliday
  10. Real Vamps Don’t Drink O-Neg by Tawny Taylor
  11. Driven by Eve Kenin
  12. Forbidden Fantasy by Cheryl Holt
  13. Dark Possession by Christine Feehan
  14. Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom by Robyn Harding
  15. Bodyguard by Beverly Havlir

Nalini’s Cool Quiz

23 Aug


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13 Things About Shapeshifter

23 Aug

Thursday 13: Things About Shapeshifter

  • Trevor came up with the idea of creating a band. It’s his secret dream to write a Broadway musical.
  • Mitchell was shy growing up and pretends to be a jerk to maintain some privacy.
  • Val is Daniel’s girlfriend and is a gossip monger.
  • Daniel plays the drum in Shapeshifter and is the media darling.
  • Boomer is a DJ who drinks a lot and is a moving force in Riverview.
  • Lyric owns the smut building in Riverview.
  • Kerri is Mitchell’s wife who at one time worked with the town’s drag queens.
  • Eric is the quiet member of the group. He is the son of a preacher.
  • Riverview is full of misfits.
  • Gene, a security guard, reads romance novels.
  • Charlie the tour manager is the twinkie man.
  • The Roadie Poet is a mystery.
  • Mitchell’s parents support the group by throwing parties and sending care packages.
Other TT’s

Books released this week

22 Aug

I thought that I’d do a post on new romance books releasing this week, but I only found three. I’m going to post them and then next week I’ll post a big list of the books being released on Aug. 28th. Oh yeah, if you know of a book that was released this week post it in comments and I’ll add it to the short list.

  1. To Scotland with Love by Karen Hawkins
  2. A Little Harmless Sex by Melissa Schroeder
  3. The Wolverine and the Rose by Rebecca Goings