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Oh my God!

6 Aug

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Cast in Courtlight by Michelle Sagara

6 Aug

Favorite Lines: “You are frustratingly bright…But you have no focus, no ability to pay attention to anything that doesn’t suit you.” (85)

Kaylin Neya has the ability to heal. She must call upon this ability to help the Barrini people. She must heal the son of the Barrini King to help avert a war. It is with the Barrini people that she will learn who she really is. She will discover a court filled with deception and treachery. She will come face to face with situations that require decorum, something she lacks. In a palace filled with grandeur, she will find and face a great darkness that wants to devour all that stands between it and power.

I didn’t do the story justice. There is so much going on that it’s hard for me to put into a short post about the story. This is book two in the Cast series. It picks up maybe two weeks after book one ends but is able to stand alone. I wouldn’t recommend it though. The book follows Kaylin’s relationship with Lord Nightshade and her mending relationship with Severn. It watches her flounder with herself but also her ability to grow. She is told that she must learn about magic, in a classroom setting, something she hates.

We begin to learn more about the complex world of the Barrini people. We learn their customs, language and relationships. Kaylin learns more about the power of names and words. She discovers more about herself, forgiveness and love. She is still learning about Lord Nightshade and the mark he has placed upon her face.

She is forced to see the past through another’s eyes and in this she begins to understand that which she never could before. She learns more about a companion who loves her and has killed for her. She comes face to face with her own faults.

The journey of Kaylin is just beginning. It is a dangerous path that egged this reader to run behind her. I’ve found the first 90 pages to be a tad slow, as they recap relationships and information from book one. After those pages though, the story is a marathon that I found easy to follow.

The story stayed true to the woman I met in book one. Nothing was inconsistent. The relationships grew and my interest in all of the characters did as well. This book is taking the number two spot on my keeper shelf and I recommend it.