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Cast in Secret by Michelle Sagara

7 Aug

Favorite Lines: “Stop despising and hating yourself, Kaylin. We’re not what we were.We’re not what we will be. Everyone changes. Everyone can change. Let it go.” (100)

Kaylin Neya is sent to a magic shop after a theft is reported. She is taken to a magical garden where she is told to not look, touch or listen to anything. As she’s taking in her environment, she sees a girl in the small pool of water and hears the girl call her name.

During the course of her investigation she is asked to help find a missing Tha’alani girl. Her search leads her to Lord Nightshade and eventually to the Oracles where she begins to learn that she has a role to play in the future. A role that has something to do with a threat is looming over the Kingdom of Elantra.

Kalin is still being taught by the Dragon Lord Sanabalis and Severn is still very much a part of her life. Just as things seem to be settling down a new change pops up and draws Kalin in. This book emphasizes the need for Kalin to come to terms with magic. She must learn that to hate magic is to hate herself.

Lord Nightshade is still patiently waiting for Kalin. I think he wants a relationship with her. I don’t know why, but he wants something from her and it might not be the relationship I hope he wants.

Kalin begins to learn about the Dragons in this book. Nothing in depth, but hoards are brought up and a little bit about dragon history. The emperor’s interest in her is also brought up making me wonder how much longer Kalin will be able to avoid meeting him. She is warned that it won’t be long and that she better step up her etiquette because the Dragon king won’t put up with her.

The Tha’alani are the main race that this book deals with. We learn their origins and history. We learn about their innocence and how they were preyed upon. They have the ability to delve into the minds of people and discover if they are telling the truth or not. They are feared by most and one of their most vocal opponents was Kalin. They have a hive like mentality and are able to maintain contact with each other even over long distances.

Kalin’s powers are growing. She takes something from the royal library that makes her unable to enter Lord Nightshade’s castle through the front door. She is forced to enter another way and through the trials she is forced to endure learns about the history of the Tha’alani and the different elements.

This is another keeper on my shelf. Sagara’s website says she has been contracted for two more books in the series and they’re not expected out until 2008/2009. I’ll have to content myself with rereading the first three books and looking for more in them. I have a feeling that if I really dissect the Cast series, I’ll find something new every time. Now I want to read more from Sagara. I’m a little afraid because her other books are written under the name Michelle Sagara West and I read it’s because the style is different. I’m not sure how true that is, but I’m willing to take the chance.