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Something Wicked by Catherine Mulvany

8 Aug


Favorite Lines: “Vampires aren’t demons. And we’re not the living dead, either. We’re people infected by a rare parasite that makes us crave blood.” (202)

Regan Cluny is an investigative reporter who wants to interview a philanthropist funding a dig in the California desert. On her way there she is attacked and left for dead. Charles Nash, the philanthropist, finds her and gets her the aid she needs.

Her attackers were enemies of Nash. Out of a need to protect her, Nash agrees to allow Regan to interview him at the dig site. What she finds is much more than she set out for. She finds a creature of the night and a legend that could change her life.

This story started off with me hot in pursuit. It was exciting, scary and believable. By the end, I was irritated by the cleanly wrapped conclusion. The ending was forced and I was pissed off. All of the major story lines in the book were cleanly wrapped up in an unbelievable manner that left me saying, “How dare you waste my time Ms. Mulvany”.

How dare you find a cure for vampirism and cancer at the same time. How dare you do it on the last four pages of the story to keep the couple together. I had small issues throughout the story, but this ruined 86% of the book for me. I can honestly say the only part of this story that I enjoyed were the first 52 pages.

I don’t recommend this book and that’s all I have to say about it.