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Hunting the Demon by Jaci Burton

21 Aug

Favorite Line: “Finally she sucked in a breath of courage, reached in his shorts for the offending member, and hard or not, yanked it out and forced it into the bottle.” (83)

Shay Pearson was one of a small group of contestants that were to be on a reality tv show. They were to survive on demon island by killing actors dressed as demons. Unfortunately they weren’t actors. After learning about demons, she joined the hunters on their mission to find the black diamond before the demons do. This leads her to Nic Diavolo.

Nic doesn’t believe it when the woman he takes home leads him into a trap that lands him tied up and locked in a room. He doesn’t believe their crazy claims about his father being a demon either, despite his nightmares. Eventually, Nic becomes a believer after seeing the creatures with his own eyes, but will he join the light or the dark?

First what I liked. I liked the beginning of the book. I loved the scene involving a beer bottle and the instance of light bondage that occurred. I felt that their reactions to each other were realistic and understandable. I liked the very end when the dark lords were having a private conversation. I liked the interaction between the love interests.

As usual, the conversation in Ms. Burton’s books are extremely realistic. They sound like real conversations and not a person guessing as to what the opposite sex may say. That is the aspect of her writing that I enjoy the most.

I didn’t care to much for the secondary storyline that I think will be book three in the series. I just didn’t care for the characters. I didn’t love this story, nor did I hate it. It was an okay book. I’m happy that Jaci got me an advanced copy to read. Don’t just take my opinion on the book. Go get it and read it today. Hunting the Demon goes on sale Aug. 28. You can buy it from Barnes and Noble here.