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The Lodestone by Kathryn Fairfax

25 Aug

I was over at Book Binge a few weeks ago when they offered free e-books of Kathryn Fairfax’s The Lodestone courtesy of Tantalizing Tales. I must say that I agree with their opinion of the book. It was good. Normally I don’t get into this time period (1830’s England), but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The book is about Cleome, a young lady, who is a bastard, and helps her grandfather run his tavern. One night a man comes through, Drake Stoneham, and plays cards with her grandfather. Her grandfather bets the deed to the tavern and loses to Drake, then commits suicide. This all leaves Cleome in a terrible position as she also takes care of her mentally ill mother.

Little does she know that while Drake is building a gambling hall, he is also searching for the wife of a friend who died while serving in the military. As she adjusts to her new position in society, she is shocked to discover a future that was closed to her is now open.

Cleome rolls with the flow; she is extremely practical. I enjoyed her levelheadedness. It was nice to read about a person who knew exactly who they were. She wasn’t presumptuous and if real, would have been someone I’d like as a friend.  This book is made by the character of Cleome. She instills it with life and I would recommend this e-book to others who are interested in reading about a young woman coming into her own during a trying time period.