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Dragon Heat by Allyson James

29 Aug

Favorite Lines: “A vibration began in the area of her thighs, a constant, insistent vibration that warmed her at the same time it distracted her. Caleb broke the kiss and looked down at her, eyebrows drawn. “What is that?” “Oh, hell,” she said, realizing. “It’s my cell phone.”” (p. 135)

Lisa Singleton is about to come into great power. That is why the golden dragon, Caleb, is sent to guard her. Living in the spare bedroom of Lisa’s apartment, he has come to know and care for her, as she has for him. She, however, doesn’t know that she’s in danger until she is attacked one night.

Suddenly finding herself a target of a black dragon and a powerful witch, Lisa must also come to terms with Caleb. He is no longer trapped in his dimension looking into her world. He is now able to cross into the human world. He is a man and a hot one at that. Lisa and Caleb must work together to prevent the black dragon and the witch from destroying the world while creating a new relationship as lovers and not just roommates.

Dragon Heat by Allyson James is a great book. We get a new shapeshifter in the dragon; granted he can’t just wish himself human or dragon (he relies on an armband). I like the descriptions of what Caleb looks and feels like as a dragon. He isn’t hard and scaly. He feels like a human and he has the human addiction to television. He is a loving creature that I adored. As a human, he is stunning and sexy, stirring up Lisa’s (and my) hormones.

Lisa is complex. Over the course of the book we learn many of the different facets that make up Lisa. As I was looking for my favorite passage, I began to find foreshadowing that I had ignored before. Some of it was blatant, in your face foreshadowing that left me smacking my head and saying “Duh”. But it works.

There are several plots going on in Dragon Heat and one of those pertains to the next book in the series. I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t list the next book in the series. All I’ll say is that it will be released Nov. 6.

If you want to know more about this book, you can read the first chapter here.