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Nalini’s Cool Quiz

23 Aug


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Your Psy/Changeling Hero: JuddQuiet, lethally contained and almost impossible to know, Judd Lauren is a Psy with incredible power. It will take one determined woman to melt this man of ice…but the rewards will be well worth the effort. Are you up to the challenge?Find out more about Judd and the series at
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13 Things About Shapeshifter

23 Aug

Thursday 13: Things About Shapeshifter

  • Trevor came up with the idea of creating a band. It’s his secret dream to write a Broadway musical.
  • Mitchell was shy growing up and pretends to be a jerk to maintain some privacy.
  • Val is Daniel’s girlfriend and is a gossip monger.
  • Daniel plays the drum in Shapeshifter and is the media darling.
  • Boomer is a DJ who drinks a lot and is a moving force in Riverview.
  • Lyric owns the smut building in Riverview.
  • Kerri is Mitchell’s wife who at one time worked with the town’s drag queens.
  • Eric is the quiet member of the group. He is the son of a preacher.
  • Riverview is full of misfits.
  • Gene, a security guard, reads romance novels.
  • Charlie the tour manager is the twinkie man.
  • The Roadie Poet is a mystery.
  • Mitchell’s parents support the group by throwing parties and sending care packages.
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Books released this week

22 Aug

I thought that I’d do a post on new romance books releasing this week, but I only found three. I’m going to post them and then next week I’ll post a big list of the books being released on Aug. 28th. Oh yeah, if you know of a book that was released this week post it in comments and I’ll add it to the short list.

  1. To Scotland with Love by Karen Hawkins
  2. A Little Harmless Sex by Melissa Schroeder
  3. The Wolverine and the Rose by Rebecca Goings

Hunting the Demon by Jaci Burton

21 Aug

Favorite Line: “Finally she sucked in a breath of courage, reached in his shorts for the offending member, and hard or not, yanked it out and forced it into the bottle.” (83)

Shay Pearson was one of a small group of contestants that were to be on a reality tv show. They were to survive on demon island by killing actors dressed as demons. Unfortunately they weren’t actors. After learning about demons, she joined the hunters on their mission to find the black diamond before the demons do. This leads her to Nic Diavolo.

Nic doesn’t believe it when the woman he takes home leads him into a trap that lands him tied up and locked in a room. He doesn’t believe their crazy claims about his father being a demon either, despite his nightmares. Eventually, Nic becomes a believer after seeing the creatures with his own eyes, but will he join the light or the dark?

First what I liked. I liked the beginning of the book. I loved the scene involving a beer bottle and the instance of light bondage that occurred. I felt that their reactions to each other were realistic and understandable. I liked the very end when the dark lords were having a private conversation. I liked the interaction between the love interests.

As usual, the conversation in Ms. Burton’s books are extremely realistic. They sound like real conversations and not a person guessing as to what the opposite sex may say. That is the aspect of her writing that I enjoy the most.

I didn’t care to much for the secondary storyline that I think will be book three in the series. I just didn’t care for the characters. I didn’t love this story, nor did I hate it. It was an okay book. I’m happy that Jaci got me an advanced copy to read. Don’t just take my opinion on the book. Go get it and read it today. Hunting the Demon goes on sale Aug. 28. You can buy it from Barnes and Noble here.

Small book review

20 Aug

I don’t feel good today, so I’m going to post a very short book review of Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr. This is book three in the Virgin River trilogy. I reviewed books one and two and had many positive things to say. This book continues in the same fashion. It also continues the trend that book two began; it drifts away from the supposed main characters.

I almost feel tricked. The back cover blurb basically says the book is about a wounded cop (Mike) who wants to settle down. He’s been married twice, both of the marriages failed, but he’s ready to change that. In steps his friends little sister. Brie is a recently divorced prosecuting attorney who has been brutally beaten and raped. She escapes to the small town of Virgin River to heal and learn to trust again.

The pages dedicated to that story were slim. I’d say out of the 362 pages that compose the book, less than half of them are about Mike and Brie. The book flips back to the characters introduced in books one and two. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but I didn’t appreciate this book like I did the first two. You may feel different. If you’ve read it, let me know what you think.

You can buy Whispering Rock here.


18 Aug

For some strange reason I’ve become fascinated by shoes this week. I’d never wear these shoes, but I like them. I wear the same ugly brown tennis shoes everyday. I’m finding myself drawn to footwear and a need to posses them. What about you?

One thing I noticed while browsing was that had $115 shoes marked down to $50 while the same pair sold on for $92. Big diff., huh?

13 Excerpts

16 Aug

13 Excerpts from books that I want or like

  1. Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews (Can’t wait for this to come out.)
  2. The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn
  3. Wicked Deeds on a Winter Night by Kresley Cole
  4. Queen of the Orc’s Book I: King’s Property by Morgan Howell
  5. Night Hunter by Cathy McDavid
  6. Glass Houses by Rachel Caine
  7. Dragon Heat by Allyson James
  8. Chinatown by Sunny
  9. Lover Unbound by J. R. Ward
  10. Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason
  11. Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs (Loved this story.)
  12. Driven by Eve Kenin (Great futuristic story.)
  13. Nicholas: Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber

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