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Dancing with Werewolves by Carole Nelson Douglas

24 Sep

Favorite Lines: “ A couple dozen alien, icy metal snakes were writhing over my collarbones, nipping at my breasts with needle-sharp fangs!” (184)

When the new millennium arrived the supernatural world revealed itself to humans. Now there are shapeshifters, witches, vampires and other supernatural creatures openly roaming the world.

Delilah Street is a crime reporter who pisses off the wrong vampire. He begins to take over her Bogeyman news beat (reporting that covers the supernatural world) around the same time that she sees herself on tv’s hottest CSI show being dissected.

She decides to travel to Las Vegas to find out who her body double was and discovers intrigue around every cover. She meets Ric, a former federal agent, and adopts a wolfhound who she names Quicksilver. She also finds that she has groupies who would do anything to posses her.

Soon after arriving in Vegas, she stumbles upon a mystery that fuels the story.

Delilah is an enigmatic character. She was deserted as an infant and raised in an orphanage where she was forced to learn to protect herself at an early age. We are given many hints as to what life was like for her and I hope to learn more in the next book, but we aren’t given enough. I’d like to know more details about her past.

There are many different characters introduced in this book. The werewolves are shown to be vicious and the vampires deadly. Pop culture is present on almost every page with a slight twist. One of my favorite references to this is when the creator of CSI talks about dead and undead creature being revived and put to use in the hospitality business. “They are being leased to the Vegas hospitality, entertainment, and sex industries by a mysterious consortium that makes the fictional and demonic Wolfram & Hart look angelic.” (107) (Reference to Angel, spin off of Buffy.)

Craziness seems to follow Delilah wherever she goes. Much of this book is dedicated to introducing a new concept: a former reporter solving an old crime. This book is mystery meets paranormal with a touch of romance and intrigue added. It is an easy read that leaves many questions at the end, paving the road for a sequel. I look forward to seeing where the author takes Delilah and will be looking for the next installment.

You can purchase Dancing with Werewolves here or here.

Amazon has this book as being released Oct. 1 while Barnes and Noble lists it as releasing Nov. 28. (Paula or Carole: If you can clarify the release date I’d appreciate it and update accordingly.)