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Scorched by Rachel Butler

30 Sep

Favorite Lines: “She’d wanted to just stand there and study him. Wanted to snap his spinal column. Wanted to hurt him. Badly.” (54)

Selena McCaffrey, famed artist and former heir to a drug czar, is back. This time she is running from a half million dollar contract that has been placed on her life. With her boyfriend, Tony Ceola,  she goes on the run traveling from Tulsa to Atlanta to Greenhill, Ala.  where she begins to learn just how deadly family relations can be.

Selena finally gets to meet her mother and father’s family. More secrets are revealed, more emotions are tested and if Selena survives the contract, a whole new life could be unveiled.

Selena is a biracial heroine who yearns to know about her family. Being with Tony, who has a large, close-knit family, only makes her more curious about her own roots. She finally gets a chance to see where she comes from in this book. She learns about her mother and becomes closer to her father. We learned about Selena in the the last two books (The Asssassin and Deep Cover) so this book just picked up where they ended. I honestly didn’t care too much about Selena in this book because I think another character stole the story.

That character is Charlize. Charlize is an assassin. She is also the woman who saved Selena’s life. Some of the most interesting events occur involving her. In Scorched, Charlize reveals her painful past which made want more for her. I want a story about her. I want her to find peace and contentment, possibly love.

Scorched was an interesting story. It works as a stand alone book, but because so much of the book revolves around the events of the previous stories, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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