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The Devil’s Possession by Heather Waters

1 Oct

Favorite Lines: “It took ninety-seven lashes to force the first cry of pain from Draven Cameron.” (p.1)

Faith Maitland was in line to become a Highland chieftain, an unusual event. One day she was raped which resulted in pregnancy. Unable to admit to a weakness and fearful of her clan’s reaction, she accused Draven the Devil of being the father of her child.

Faith had heard that Draven was dead. It was not true. She and her clan arrived in time to halt his execution and Faith claimed Draven for herself. She soon learned of terrifying powers that the silent man possessed.

Draven was ready to die. He was not pleased with his second chance at life. After a lifetime of abuse and fear directed in his way, he was weary and relished the peace that came with death. Unwilling to label Faith a liar, he goes along with her scheme becoming an integral part of her life. Their pasts were about to catch up with them though. Evil did not want these two to be happy and planed to intervene before they reach happily ever after.

I’ve read other reviews about this book. Some were pleasant others questioning. If you allow yourself to be taken on a historical journey I think you’ll find this book to be a pleasurable ride.

It’s refreshing to have a strong highland heroine in charge of her people. While she has moments of weakness and the obvious physical weakness, she is still a great character.

Draven is an even greater character. He is a mute, powerful and intelligent man. His reasons for being mute are compelling and his grasp of self-control is amazing. He is a hero that I haven’t seen in quite awhile.

The action mainly involves family situations. Faith was raised by her uncle and there are slight issues that are addressed between the two. Draven was an outcast who had been persecuted by his father and clan. It was sad and painful to watch the interactions and read about them.

Overall, I enjoyed this historical, paranormal book. If you like the highlands and strong characters this is a book for you.