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New Moon by Rebecca York

3 Oct

Favorite Lines: “Well, I’ve been lying here hoping that you’d roll up my shirt so that you can play with the hair on my chest and my nipples. Or the hair under my arms. That would feel good, too.” (p. 152)

Logan Marshall has found himself in a bit of trouble. While out enjoying a few days in the wilderness, he is caught in a magical trap. A trap set for a different shapeshifter. As he lies in pain he sees a female wolf and watches in amazement as she transforms into a woman. He doubts his eyes though, because he knows that women cannot be shapeshifters. He has no way of knowing that his savior, Rinna, is from a parallel dimension.

Rinna feels his pain and helps him escape from the trap before the two retreat to the only safe place she knows, a cave in her own dimension. Once there she introduces Logan to a world of chaos. A world with slavery and people abounding with psychic abilities. It is also a world with a man who will do anything to rule it. To do so he needs Rinna and will stop at nothing to get her.

I found myself in an odd predicament this week. I had nothing to read. I reread several books then I went to the library. I haven’t been there in years. I picked up this book, New Moon, and decided to give it a try. (I quit buying York after I was disappointed with her last book.) I figured what can it hurt, right?

Well, it hurt me. I read some cheesy ass lines *pointing at my favorite lines*. I read about characters that could have and I think were supposed to be dramatic and thought, “could have done without him.” I watched two shapeshifter wolves get into a battle when the heroine was in need.

I disliked the alternate world building. I almost put the book down. When the characters returned to the ‘real world’ things got better, but not much. The heroine was a slave in the other world and was traumatized. She didn’t stay that way for long. I’m just not pleased with this book and would like to know what anyone else thought about it.