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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

8 Oct

Favorite Lines: ” Terrrific. A bisexual dominant vampire with kidnapping experience.” (p. 228)

Dr. Jane Whitcomb is on duty when a man is brought in with a gunshot and stab wound. She is amazed by the man. He is like no other that she has operated on. Not long after completing his surgery, a small group of men enter the hospital and take her patient and her away. 

Vishous can see death. He knows how all of his friends die and has been viewing his own death for quite awhile. To top off a horrible existence, he has finally met his mother (after 300 years) only to discover that she is the person he has always prayed to.

His mother arrives to usher V into a new lifestyle; a lifestyle that he wants no part of. It’s unfortunate that this is the same night that he finds his mate, Dr. Jane.

My favorite lines does a great job of giving an abbreviated description of Vishous. It leaves out that he was abused and an outcast but for a quick sum, it does its work. I must admit that I cheated with this book. I read many reviews from outraged bloggers and had my cousin tell me what happened.

I was pissed. I couldn’t believe what she said; then I borrowed her her copy and read it. It was alright. It’s not my favorite book out of the series, but I’ll still read them. Though I’ll never buy them in hardback.

I’m not exactly thrilled that Vishous is bisexual. (It’s not my personal preference.) He is into sexual games but capable of much more than even he thinks. I, like many others, didn’t care for the sexual innuendo that flowed between V and Butch, but I got over it.

I liked Jane. I liked the witty banter between the two main characters and wish that much more time was given to the lovers. This book reminded me, slightly, of Christine Feehan’s Dark Celebration because of all the action that takes place besides the main story.

There is the continuation of John’s story, an introduction to Manny, problems with a pregnancy, problems with a brother’s mental state and much more. It is a busy book, but enjoyable. I wouldn’t give this book to a person who is uninitiated to Ward’s books. In comparison to her other books this book hands down, is my least favorite. I did not like the ending. What did you think about it?