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ARC’s after release

10 Oct

I feel like I’ve asked this before, but I can’t find a post about it. After you’ve read an ARC what do you do with it? The ones I really enjoyed, I’ll buy a copy of.

Is it okay to give ARC’s away to other people? Can I raffle them off or is that wrong? I’m interested in knowing what others do with their ARC’s.

Staying Dead by Laura Anne Gilman

10 Oct

Favorite Lines: “But lately…it was weird, how someone so familiar could suddenly one day, totally out of the blue and with a random thought, become… interesting. In that way.” (p.66)

Wren Valere is a retriever. She finds missing objects and returns them. She is able to manipulate electrical currents, magic, and has a great success record. Her latest case involves a missing cornerstone from a prominent building.

As she searches for the stone she finds out that the world around her is changing and if she wants to continue to thrive she must make a few hard decisions.

This is book one in a series of four written by Laura Anne Gilman. Most of the book is setting up for the next three stories. I think the concept is good but the book had one strike against it from page one, the font. I don’t know what font it is, but it irritated the hell out of me. I also felt like the story dragged. It was a slow, sedate walk along the pathway to solving the mystery of the missing stone.

I thought that the story was going to have more of a romance angle than it did, too. The romance thread is extremely short. This book is more of a mystery/urban fantasy novel. It is filled with pop culture: diet sprite, DSL, New York art scene, Dungeons and Dragons…

Many threads are introduced but not completely followed such as the Council of Mages, Silence and the relationship between Sergei and Wren. I’m hoping that book two gets better. Book two will make up my mind as to whether or not I’ll be purchasing the next two books. Right now I’m happy that I only bought the first two books. If you’ve read this please comment and let me (and anybody else who’s interested) know what you think.

You can read an excerpt here or click on the book cover to purchase the book at B&N. Click here to read an excerpt from book two, Curse the Dark.