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13 Odd Soda Flavors

11 Oct

  1. Halloween Pack by Jones soda (includes: candy corn, Gruesome Grape, Lemon Drop Dead, Strawberry Slime)
  2. White Birch by Foxon Park Beverages
  3. Classic Variety Pack by Jackson Hole Soda Company (includes: High Mountain Huckleberry, Snake River Sarsaparilla, Jackson Ginger Beer and Buckin’ Root Beer
  4. Lemon Ginger Lavender, Citrus Hibiscus and Mint Lime by Pop Soda
  5. Multi Pack by DRY Soda (includes: kumquat, lavender, lemongrass and rhubarb)
  6. Green Tea Sodas by Steaz
  7. Cel-Ray Soda by Dr. Brown (yes, celery)
  8. Key Lime Cream Soda by Durango Soda
  9. Dry Pomegranate Soda by GUS
  10. Egg Cream Sodas by Jeff’s Soda
  11. Black Lemonade by Skeleteens
  12. Banana Soda by Drizzle
  13. Watermelon Soda by Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda

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