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Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

12 Oct

Favorite Lines: “It must be difficult to never being able to tell the truth. I know I’d find it exhausting.” (p. 6)

Anita Blake is still solving murders and muddling through her life as human servant to Jean-Claude and Bolverk to the local werewolf pack. In Cerulean Sins, she must stand up to Jean-Claude’s maker, figure out her personal life and stop a serial killer.

I think I’m one of the few people that has not fallen into the Hamilton trap; the only other Hamilton book I’ve read is Obsidian Butterfly. CS was interesting and I flew through the book. I didn’t get lost while reading it, so it’s possible to read this book without the other books of the series. (CS is book 11 in the Anita Blake series.)

I don’t really get the opening thread of the book. She meets a man who wants her to raise a relative from the dead, but it never happens. He is reintroduced at the end of the book. I guess I really don’t care enough to find out. I like the pace that the story progresses the best. I enjoy the amtrack train approach: speed until you reach your final destination.

I think that not having read this series from the beginning has given me an advantage. I’m not sick at Anita’s having sex with everyone. I don’t like any of the characters more than the others, although I don’t care for Richard. I see where the series could be addicting. (I enjoy her style of writing and the sex is HOT!) I don’t see myself buying and searching out other books though.

I borrowed this book from the library but you can buy it here.