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Dhampir by Barb and J.C. Hendee

13 Oct

Favorite Line: “Settling upon the thatched roof, it slid on its belly to crawl headfirst down one wall.” (p. 1)

Magiere has been conning the world. She poses as a vampire hunter, preying upon the fears of the poor. During one con she is noticed by a real vampire and soon learns that there really is a reason to fear the dark. Now she must battle herself and the undead if she is ever to realize her dream of settling down in her own home.

Magiere is not alone in this book. She is the heroine, but another worthy character steals the spotlight. It is her friend/companion Leesil. Where Magiere is half vampire, half human, he is half elf and half human. An interesting combo especially when you add their trusty canine companion. Unfortunately, we don’t learn enough about him to satisfy my curiosity.

Many different sides of Leesil pop out over the course of the book showing him to be far more of a complex character than Magiere, who the book is supposed to be about. He is introduced in a certain manner but by the end he has grown in all aspects.

I wish the same could be said of Magiere. You basically get what you see with her. She doesn’t really grow. She was exactly the same person I met in the first quarter of the book when I turned the last 10 pages of the book.

I debated with myself about buying this book. In the end I didn’t. I borrowed it from the library. I’m glad. It’s not a book I’d add to my permanent book collection.

The book reminded me of The Brother’s Grimm movie. Yep, I said it. The scamming of ignorant peasants, the attitude of the protagonists towards their victims, the growth lack of growth of the main characters all added to my feelings of ehhh. (Or better yet, my feelings of who cares.)

The vampires reminded me of several mythologies wrapped into one. The vampires need to sleep with dirt from their homeland, they must do as their creator tells them, and most are capable of extraordinary feats.

The descriptions and movements of the feral vampires mimicked those of Gollum (Lord of the Ring) in my opinion. But on the flip side, I understand that others may see a totally different creature. I wasn’t amazed or awed by this book. I didn’t hate it either. This is another book I’m chalking up to the mindless entertainment section of books read lately.

You can purchase Dhampir here or view the author’s website here.