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One Step Away by Dawn Munroe

23 Oct

Favorite Lines: “Before she could spin completely around, she was hit in the back with something heavy, knocking her to the ground.” (p. 62)

One Step Away by Dawn Munroe is the second book that Sandy Cummins of Reader’s Eden and Writers Exchange ebook Publishing graciously sent me. It is 159 pages and sells for $4.95. The copyright year is listed as 2003.

The ebook is about Kelly Carter, a woman being stalked. It starts off innocently enough with a single rose placed upon the window shield of her car. Before long it escalates.

Jake Warren is a detective trying to protect Kelly from the unknown perpetrator. All eyes and hands point towards a few suspects, but in the end is either man truly the stalker intent on loving Kelly to death?

Okay, what did I like? I enjoyed the moments of terror and the concept behind the story. I also liked the moments with the stalker. Reading from his point of view was the best part of the book.

What did I dislike? Characters flipped and suddenly lost that part of them that made them, well…them. For example, there is an officer who is known for forcing himself upon women. He digs and makes jibes about a rape victim, before suddenly showing that he’s a nice guy capable of compassion. No, he’s not.

The story was predictable and I didn’t particularly care for the non-indented paragraphs. (They irritated the crap out of me.) I just wasn’t overly impressed and won’t be reading this book again.