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Queen of Orcs: Royal Destiny by Morgan Howell

24 Oct

Favorite Lines: “You gave me joy, and I’ve repaid you with sorrow.” (p.394)

Dar has become the Queen of the Orcs and survived the poison that threatened her life. But the bones have survived also; the evil that threatened her in books one and two is still alive. Not only is she faced with a great mystical evil, she must prove herself to the matriarchs of the Orc people while staving off an invasion by the humans.

This book felt different than the first two. The first book showcased the evil within humanity. Book two showed that the Orcs may not be exactly what Dar thought. Book three exposes the horror of magic. (An image of the crypt keeper kept popping up in my mind.)

I hated the human Queen. She was stereotypical, wishy-washy and ignorant. I realize that there would be no story if she were smart, but damn it she is TSTL. I also didn’t get sucked into this book as quickly as the previous two.

I don’t know if it’s the treachery shown by the female Orcs that I was turned off by or knowing that Dar would have to decide between two possible love interests. I was slightly surprised by all the tough decisions that Dar was forced to make. She has not only her future to decide but that of all Orcs.

The way the book climaxed was great. I didn’t like the way evil left however. It seemed pretty…Blah. Like ho-hum, that’s it?

I hope that after you’ve read the book you’ll stop in so that we can talk in the comments, as I don’t like to give spoilers. Overall, I enjoyed this conclusion to the Queen of the Orcs trilogy.