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This is a rant

14 Nov

I’m so irritated I could spit venom. It’s slightly after 6:30 a.m. and I’ve been awake for the last hour and a half listening to my stupid neighbor’s dog bark. It has been constant. Four barks breath, four barks breath, four… Get it.

I knew that it was going to be a problem the first day I saw that they had a dog (about three weeks ago). It slowly began with them letting the dog out. Notice I said them letting the dog out, not going out with it. They crack the door and out the dog goes. I have two kids, one of which is terrified of animals.

It’s not fair that they are penalized because the neighbors had to have a pet. Now I have to check before they go out to see if the neighbors have the dog on a chain or if it’s free roaming. I’d say out of the three weeks they’ve had the dog, it has only been chained for three days .

I’m just tired and it doesn’t help that it’s the same house where the girl walked down the middle line of the road with an infant and a toddler as I was driving behind her and refused to move to the sidewalk or the edge of the street.