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Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister

26 Nov

Favorite line: “Yeah, and maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt, but I’m not going to buy any bananas on the chance they will.” (p. 112)

Book four in the Guardian series is all about the drama involved in Aisling Grey and Drake Vireo’s wedding. The two are trying to officially tie the knot, while fighting a dragon war and trying to find a way to free Aisling from life as the blue dragon’s mate. Add to that family drama, ancient evils and the imps from Hell and you’ve got a great novel.

Aisling is hilarious. She hasn’t lost her appeal or her snarkiness.

I’ve noticed that with series books authors tend to change their characters as the number of books pile up. Characters make subtle changes and before you know it the character you met in book one (that strong decisive woman) no longer exists. She is replaced in book ten with a whiney, indecisive character. That does not happen here.

Let me share a secret…I read this series for Aisling’s smart mouth and crappy decisions and for her demon dog, Jim. I love their relationship almost as much as I love Aisling and Drake’s. He’s the kind of hero that makes you pant and wish your book was a magical portal so that you can yank him out of the book and into your bed, onto your wash machine, out into the rain……

I’m seriously looking forward to the action to come. I have my thoughts about  major events to come, but I won’t share so as to not ruin the book for you. But I do believe that major characters from previous books will be placed in recently evacuated positions. Some serious mojo will be performed and Aisling will begin to lose it as she gets larger with her pregnancy.