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Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian

2 Dec

Favorite Lines: ” “Lesson number one,” he murmured coldly. “Don’t count on me for anything. I will only let you down.” ” (p. 89)

Elise Chase lost her mate then five years and four months later she lost her teenage son to a deadly drug that turned him into a diseased and dangerous creature, forcing her brother-in-law to kill him. She vowed to have his death mean something. To fulfill her vow she left the safe Darkhaven community and began seeking vengeance upon the Master vampire’s minions who produced the drug that killed her son.

One night while on patrol she is outnumbered and a warrior of the Order comes to her rescue.

Tegan cannot believe it when he discovers that the woman he rescued is Elise. He hadn’t seen her since the night her son was killed and he took her home. Unable to believe that Elise is putting her life in danger, he follows her home. He soon realizes that she is not coping as well as she is pretending to be. Her psychic ability is not allowing her to fare well among the human population.

When she asks to aid the Order he flatly turns her down, until it becomes obvious that she won’t take no for an answer. What ensues is a fast, rocky ride on a trail of blood, lust and danger.

As usual Ms. Adrian has written an exciting and engrossing tale that begs the reader to turn pages faster. Elise was introduced in her last book, Kiss of Crimson, and I knew that she was going to be a great story in and of herself. She appeared soft, but tragedy forced her to become slightly hardened.

Tegan, the loner and cold vampire is the perfect match for Elise. He is completely different than her deceased husband, but is always introduced as a fitting mate to her. Their relationship  progresses over time and is full of pit stops. Misunderstandings occur all the time, but when they need each other neither is a slacker.

My favorite part of this book is knowing that the author is capable of ending a storyline and creating another one without the reader feeling like the effort is forced. I really hate it when authors have the same major threat occur indefinitely. It makes me feel like all the danger and drama is for naught. I didn’t get that here.

I’m hoping that the next book comes out early spring versus late spring. Don’t just listen to me Kimberly has a review posted and so does  Vampire Romance.