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The Devil Inside by Jenna Black

5 Dec

Favorite Line: “The best thing I could do was get the fuck out of there and do some serious thinking.” (p. 70)

Morgan Kingsley hates demons, earns her living as an exorcist, and is an extremely sexual being. She lives in a time where humans host demons, allowing them to enter their bodies.

Demons can leave their hosts whole or brain dead.

Always dreading the idea of possession, she is horrified when she finds herself possessed.

Thus begins the introduction to a world she wants no part of. A world of bondage, betrayal, loss and possession by the King of demons.

He is gorgeous and fighting his brothers for the throne. Demons and humans alike want him dead and unfortunately for Morgan, that means open season on her.

I was slightly hesitant when I learned there were MM scenes. I’m not the biggest fan of MM or FF (I’ve said it before.) I was pleasantly surprised that the scenes didn’t really bother me. But if you don’t like books with bondage, tons of sex or MM, you might want to pass on this book. I would have been happier had the beginning sex scenes with Morgan and her boyfriend been left out. They didn’t add anything to the story for me.

The demonology is interesting. Demons are spirits unable to feel textures until they are in a human body, but they are more practical than humans. There are good demons and bad. Those in favor of using unwilling humans and those in favor of only using humans who want to be hosts.

There are so many places this series can go. The characters are enthralling, the plot gripping and the action, nonstop. It’s an  interesting idea that I look forward to following in book two when it is released. Don’t take my word for it. Reviews are posted here, here and here.