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Do you…

6 Dec

Do you ever feel stupid after you post a review of a book and then go to another site and read their take on the same story? I do. Sometimes I read an entirely different response than mine and other times I think, “Damn, that’s exactly how I felt.”

Today I was blog hopping and I read a few reviews that thoroughly analyzed the stories they were reviewing.  I found myself agreeing and second guessing my origional opinion of the stories, as they were ones that I’d also read. Then I began to wonder if I should do more with my reviews. Should I go into great detail with a literary theory? Should I read deeper into the story than I do and find meaning in everything? Or, do I just keep on the way I do?

I read for enjoyment and give my first impression of the book, not an analysis. Maybe I will occasionally throw one in to work my brain, I don’t know. What do you think? Leave a comment.