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Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

16 Dec

Favorite Lines: “My free hand swung in an arc to land on the ass she was admiring. With a glare, I gave it a big squeeze, using the last of my control not to shriek, You like that? Look who’s got it!” (p. 236)

Catherine Crawfield is a product of rape. Her father, who happened to be a vampire, raped her mother and five months later she was born. 22 years later, she is stronger than other girls and much deadlier. Add to that a psycho mother who lives to hear about the vampires she has killed, and you’ve got the makings of a strong vampire slayer.

One night while out on the hunt, she is captured by master vampire, Bones. He gives her a choice, work for him or die.

Bones trains Cat in combat and how to be better prey for the night hunting vampires. He also teaches her to accept herself and come to terms with the fact that being half vampire is not all bad.

Before I share my opinion of this book, I want to thank Leslie. If it weren’t for her guarantee that the book got better, I would have thrown the book and never finished. I also wouldn’t have considered reading another book by this author.
The story is very Buffy/Spike. A slayer and an Englishman vampire, combatants that unwittingly draw closer to one another while killing other vamps. Their relationship is predictable and often left me groaning in disbelief.

Now on to the different characters. I hated Bones in the beginning. He is over the top and the English style curses about made me quit reading the book. He says,”blimey, bullocks, bleedin’ bit…” and an endless stream of “English” swear words excessively in the first half of the book. It is extremely annoying.

Cat does what ever she can to kill the undead. Her mother makes her feel like she has no other choice and it has proven to be the only way mother and daughter have connected in 22 years of life together. Their relationship is damaged and shows (to me) that children love their parents even after years of neglect and abuse. For while her mother never physically abuses her, she is emotionally abusive.

The story as a whole is not the best I’ve ever read. I did enjoy the last 40% of the book. The action picked up and maintained great pacing and the story line improved dramatically. This last stretch is also the reason I’m even considering reading the next book in the series. I expect to read less of the “Englishness” associated with Bones and a little bit about Cat’s father. If I don’t get those two things, I will not read another installment of this series.