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To Hell and Back by Lilith Saintcrow

19 Dec

Favorite Lines: “The Devil doesn’t believe in killing you, if you can be made to serve.” (p. 1)

To Hell and Back is the final installation of the Dante Valentine series. Dante has faced many challenges in the previous four books all preparing her for her final fight…with the Devil himself. The book picks up where book four left off with Dante going into Hell. Six months later she is back in the human world, bloody and lost and with no idea of what has happened to her or where she has been.

Despite her final words to Jaf in the last book, he immediately comes to her aid. The two are joined by the rest of the crew from book four and lock themselves in a final battle against the devil.

Betrayal and trust issues arise as they have throughout the series. Ms. Saintcrow has kept her characters true to form. The Dante in book five is similar to the Dante of book one, but she has grown much. Her life has taken its toll on her body, soul and mind leaving her with huge problems at a horrible time. In book one she was tough as nails, fast forward to book five and she is vulnerable but still able to kick butt.

Dante’s moods are crazy. One minute she’s talking to someone, the next she’s contemplating cutting them into bits. It takes a strong person or demon to deal with such craziness. I appreciate Jaf’s ability to deal with Dante’s many mood swings. He understand her in a way that I think no human could and it saddens me that Dante cannot seem to grasp the true nature of their relationship. I guess she really doesn’t want the closeness after the track record she has. Her guardian, lovers and friends were all killed, she was mentally raped and she was raised in a hell hole. It makes sense that she’d have issues, but it’s still sad.

I’m going to list the order of books from my favorite to least favorite. If you’ve read the books do the same in the comments.

  1. Book 2 (Dead Man Rising)
  2. Book 5 (To Hell and Back)
  3. Book 1 (Working for the Devil)
  4. Book 4 (Saint City Sinners)
  5. Book 3 (The Devil’s Right Hand)