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Devour by Melina Morel

1 Jan

Favorite Line: “If he reverts to werewolf, they won’t be able to help him. We have to destabilize him, play with his mind, and force him into shape-shifting, for we must kill him in his lupine form.” (p. 56)

Devour takes on the werewolf in a different manner than most books today. It does not romanticize the change nor does it look at it in a positive light.

Pierre de Montfort is a werewolf that is about to be revealed to the world. His lineage has ties back to a vicious murder in France and a group is about to air his blood-tie to it in the media. Pierre is proud of his heritage and in love, but at an age when most werewolves go crazy.

Paul is a werewolf hunter and writer, who meets a professor named  Julie in France. The two hit it off wonderfully before going their separate ways, yet remaining in touch. When the search for the Montfort werewolf leads the hunters to New York, it seems like the perfect time to renew and possibly expand the couple’s relationship.

Catherine is a hunter with a secret. She’s in love with a Ian the vampire. She hunts the werewolf, but refuses to give up Ian or be turned into a vampire.

Some things are meant to be and some things aren’t. History is trying to repeat itself as the players come into position to fill the roles of their ancestors. The same bloodlines centuries later reenact  the bloody murder scene of the past, hoping for a different ending.

This book is in no way shape or form a traditional romance. There are three stories going on at at the same time, all interwoven together to create Devour. There are romances taking place, but as an avid romance reader and fan of the genre I would not have labeled this book a romance. There are to many other things taking place and while romance is happening, it doesn’t feel like the purpose of the book. It feels more like a horror novel or just plain fiction to me.

In the end, I couldn’t get involved in the story. I didn’t care  who was falling for who or who might die. I just never felt invested in the story. This could be because there was to much occuring or just because I didn’t care for the characters.

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