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Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke

23 Jan

kiss-of-fire.jpgFavorite Line: “I’m Sara Keegan, ace accountant, and The Scrying Glass, well, it’s come along a bit early to be my midlife crisis, but maybe it still counts.” (p. 58)

Kiss of Fire is Deborah Cooke’s new dragon shifter series that will be released in February. It follows the Pyr as they ready themselves to fight the final battle against their enemy the Slayers.

It’s important to know that the Pyr and Slayers are all dragon shifter, but the difference lies in their allegiance to humans. The Pyr believe that part of their responsibilities is to watch out for mankind, as man is of the earth. The Slayer feel no such responsibility, and view humans as destroying the earth and therefore, expendable.

In this book, we meet the Smith, Quinn Tyrrell, a shifter who works metal and keeps himself removed from the Pyr. He distrusts them, and is satisfied having no contact with them. He also remembers one member in particular along with a tragic memory from his past. Quinn has realized that he is about to go through the firestorm, a time for mating, and has found his partner, Sara Keegan.

Sara was an accountant before her aunt passed away and left her a New Age bookstore. Now she spends her days updating and learning about her stock and wrestling with her aunt’s horrible business ledger. That is until the night she is attacked, and almost murdered. It’s the same night she begins to hallucinate and see dragons, or so she thinks.

In the midst of hormones gone wild, the two learn that they are the center of a battle neither one is prepared for or wants to participate in. Their union will produce the “Pyr’s sole chance to save the earth.” This makes them a major target in the eyes of the Slayers, who will stop at nothing to destroy the only hope for mankind. 

Sara is an average woman, who learns that she is not quite as boring as she thinks. She doesn’t believe that there is anything special about her until Quinn begins to show her exactly how special she is. One thing that I liked about Sara was her ability to accept the craziness. She recognizes that things are different and then she adapts. She completely avoids the stupid heroine trap.

Quinn is hot. The picture on the cover stayed with me through out the book and encouraged my fantasies about him. He is an alpha, but knows when to back off. There are many times when he wants to crawl up Sara’s butt, but recognizes that she needs space and steps back. I like the scene where he says something about not wanting her to think he’s stalking her.

This book has a heavy urban fantasy theme going on that I thoroughly enjoyed. The romance was number one, but not at the expense of the book. The characters didn’t fall in love immediately, but into lust. I appreciate the distinction, as some romance books have a tendency to rush straight into love, something most readers know does not last, nor is it realistic.

If the second book is half as good as Kiss of Fire, I will be a happy reader. I received this book on Tuesday and read it before I went to bed. There were no places that made me want to put it down for a break and I am pleased to say that certain moments had me giggling. If you’re interested in this book check out this sample chapter or click on the image to read B&N description. For a sample chapter of book two, Kiss of Fury click here or here to pre-order it from Amazon.