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The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands

28 Jan

Favorite Lines: “…but you’re a vampire and it’s a bat…There should be some empathy or understanding or… something. Maybe if you tried talking to it.” (p. 5)

Elvi Black is the only vampire in her small town. She has the town’s total support though. They love her and are willing to do whatever they can to make her happy. Their adoration reaches new heights when they place a vampire wanted advertisement in the paper.

Victor Argeneau is the enforcer for the vampire counsel. When he learns about a vampire placing an ad for a mate, he and his friend travel to her small town to ascertain if the it is a hoax or if someone has truly broken vampire law by making herself known to humans. He soon finds out that he’s not the only one interested in the vampiress. Four other male vampires have come to compete for her hand.

Life has pretty much sucked for Elvi for the past five years. She was in an auto accident in Mexico and woke to find herself one of the undead. She’s given up food, sunlight and her bed. As far as she can tell the only good part is that she looks like she did at her peak. Being a sixty-five year-old woman in a perfect body has its perks. But life is sad for the only vampire in town. Her friends are dying of old age and with the arrival of other vampires, someone is trying to kill her. Continue reading