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Chasing Silver by Jamie Craig

29 Jan

chasing-silver.jpgFavorite Line: “You want to know my cup size, too, asshole?” (p. 14)

Remy Capra is from Washington D.C. in the year 2058. She is part of a gang, a product of the system, who happens to snatch a coin that takes her back in time. Back to the early 2000’s. She doesn’t know that a psycho bitch cop from the future has followed her back in time. The cop wants the coin Remy stole, and nothing will stop her from getting it back.

Nathan is a bounty hunter in Sacramento, Calif., in 2008. He had just captured a fugitive and was wrapping things up, when a girl fell out of the sky, allowing the fugitive to escape. Seeing that the girl was destracted and injured, Nate allowed the girl to crash on his sofa never dreaming that she would become a permanent part of his life. Continue reading